Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

Running without GPS apps is also enjoyable

Even though I love lifting weights much better than cardio, I still head out on runs – especially on the weekend. I’m just a bit competitive so I used to like running with GPS. The app tells me how fast I’m going, how far I’ve gone and other potentially relevant information. I also track my […]

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We can’t copy our authentic stories from others

The decision to share our authentic stories is also a decision to be unique and original. We can’t copy our authentic stories from others. You know how sometimes it can be easy to (over)analyze what our competitors are doing? They are on the latest shiny social media network. So we join – even though we […]

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Producing great content is not the finish line – it’s the starting line

I recently finished Mark Schaefer’s book “The Content Code” and have to say it was a fantastic reminder of the importance of content distribution. Mark reminds us that creating great content is not the finish line but the starting line. If you can’t ignite your content’s distribution, it won’t make any difference how great it is. He […]

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Using big words prompts one question…

What does that mean? True experts will likely not skip a beat and simple explain the word. Sometimes the explanation is still filled with industry jargon, prompting more “What does that mean?” questions. Other people throw around big words that they kind of know the meaning of, but can’t necessarily explain. But the words sound smart. Or […]

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Being transparent holds me accountable

I tweet a lot. Anywhere from 200-400 times per week. Most of my Tweets have something to do with authentic storytelling, content marketing and the process of getting a storytelling strategy going. A sampling from a recent week: There are roles for all. #Peopleskills Channels don’t define our bigger purpose. They help us share it. […]

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A champion leaving can stop a content marketing strategy in its tracks

Content marketing and authentic storytelling strategies are new enough to many organizations that momentum can be lost quickly. Just one person leaving can cause these projects to stop immediately. Organizations sometimes hire or bring people to help with new strategies. These people – let’s call them change agents come in and help organizations tie business goals […]

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Maybe it’s time to retire the phrase “target audience”

As we are targeting audiences, defining target customers and using similar kinds of terms, I wonder if those phrases will withstand the test of time. Targeting somebody brings to mind an image of somebody with a target on their back. We are after you! Now, don’t get me wrong here. A part of authentic storytelling […]

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Healthy Vision Month – My own story

May is Healthy Vision Month and I certainly have my own story to share when it comes to bad vision and bad decisions when it comes to eye health. Today, as a 36-year-old, my vision is OK, but not as perfect as it could be had I made some better decisions as a child. When […]

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