Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

Fine, I won’t read the story I came here for then

I read a lot of stories and content on a daily basis. I’m interested in what people are saying and what the alleged latest trends are. A lot of the content I consume I find through social media shares and I get dozens of enewsletters as well. Many of the enewsletters all come at the […]

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What ya waiting for? Try the new social networks now!

You know what the front runners in digital storytelling all have in common? They didn’t waste time when new avenues opened up. Twitter launches. They try it. Blab launches. They try it. Hey, hey, here’s my weekly show. Is it on your calendar? In the meantime, they’ve continued to build their email list. You know, […]

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HIPAA is not a reason to not share authentic stories

HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is sometimes cited to be a hurdle in healthcare to share authentic stories that involve people (aka patients). Since the best stories involve people, chances are that some of the best stories worth sharing by healthcare organizations do indeed involve patients. Related: Finding good stories through story shopping And […]

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How can you ensure to not miss specific people’s posts on social media?

There are some people we just need to mute, unfollow and sometimes even block on social media. Of course it’s everyone’s own personal choice what content they want to see and which stories they want to ignore. And then, of course, there are those users – some of them power users – whose posts we […]

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“I’m excited to present this post to you.” [It’s OK when it’s meant]

You’ve heard me share my displeasure with people using phrases like this in their news releases, product announcements and – yes – social media posts: We are excited to …. We are pleased to … We are thrilled to announce… And then the announcement of some new development, hire, change or something else follows. I […]

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Take it personal: Periscope notifications get wording right!

If you follow people on Periscope you likely have received a mobile notification that says something like this: Ctrappe wants you to watch ….     I had a number of people offline comment to me that they have appreciated my personal invitations to watch something I deemed worth watching on the live social media video app. […]

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