Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

The Top 1 Way to Get Started Sharing Authentic Stories

This is a short list. I know. 🙂 I could probably come up with a few more things that people could do to share their authentic stories: Make up their minds to do so. Document them. Share the stories quickly. Come up with a realistic workflow. Come up with a distribution plan. “Content might be king, but […]

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My best Retweets this week came from all of you!

You may have seen those Tweets announcing that a number of accounts sent the best Retweets this week… “My best RTs this week came from…” I like interacting, connecting and sharing experiences with people on Twitter. I probably spend more time than I should having conversations on there even. But those “my best RTs” Tweets […]

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Sharing your story from anywhere

Technology is nice because you can basically share your stories from anywhere. I’m thinking about my 10-month-old daughter for example. She can go on Skype and has a video chat with her grandmother who lives in Germany and they share their stories. Granted the 10-month-old is not old enough to actually speak but she is still […]

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Why I (may) Retweet competitors from time to time…

This is a controversial topic so I hope many of you clicked on the link. 🙂 Why would I ever acknowledge competitors and – even worse – why would I retweet and share their message for them? Why would I even consider doing this? There are some people and organizations that I would never retweet. […]

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People repeating what you said can be telling – Better listen

It may have happened to you: You said something. And then the person you said it to or a person near you repeats what you just said … in a totally different voice and tone. And their voice and tone didn’t sound nearly as pleasant as your own voice sounded in your head. In fact, […]

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Sometimes it’s better to ask clarification before blogging an uniformed opinion

I was going to blog about seeing the number of traffic fatalities on those interstate signs in several states across the United States. I’ve seen them in Colorado, Iowa, Texas and maybe others. The signs typically say something along these lines: 89 traffic deaths this year in the state And I was wondering: What does […]

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Why are his emails always written in such a nasty tone?

You’ve probably been there. One person or another’s emails are always written in a snarky, negative or maybe even “I know better than you” kind of tone. Always.  Why can’t that person stop it and start writing in a nicer tone? And then when you ask the writer of those allegedly nasty tone emails, he […]

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I saw a plastic surgeon after losing 100-plus pounds

After losing 100-some pounds, I was convinced that I need to have my stomach stapled or tucked. Looking down at my stomach, I saw skin flapping around – at least from my perspective that’s how it appeared. I wondered what I could do about that and started researching plastic surgeons in Eastern Iowa. Based on […]

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