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[CONTENT MARKETING] What’s the ROI of not trying?

Sometimes we don’t know if things will work out. Are we about to make the right decision. Why should we change anything at all? Things are going well. They are fine. Have you seen how often people’s predictions are wrong? All the time! But sometimes people are right. Were they lucky? Maybe? Were they safe? […]

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Yes, it’s always about us, which is what makes it hard to be customer-centric

One of the reasons it’s so hard to be customer or user centric is that most of the time that customer or user isn’t us. And it’s always about us. We know us. We see life from our own perspective. That sounds selfish – because it kind of is. But that’s life. Even people who […]

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[Social media photos] How to push Instagram photos to Twitter correctly

Christoph Trappe

February 13, 2016

Social media

I recently posted Photo No. 1,000 and reached 1,000 followers on Instagram and it’s one of my main networks in 2016. Currently, I’m highly active on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Sometimes I feel the need to also post an Instagram photo to Twitter and sometimes Facebook. Instagram has a sharing function directly build in. It […]

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How to add a second Instagram account to the app and dangers to consider

In mid-February 2016 Instagram added a function that allows us social media marketers, community managers and really anyone to add more than one account to the photo-sharing app. Of course, when we mix accounts in one app – especially when some are personal and some are professional – there’s some danger to post that personal […]

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People won’t hear you if you are silent

You probably have seen the studies: Most people don’t share things on social media  Or A small group of so called power users shares the majority of content on social media Really, I could have told you that by looking at my Facebook feed. Sincerely, Researcher Trappe. Really, let’s get started, friends. Share your stories. […]

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If you have to explain it it’s not designed well

My 18-month-old daughter uses the iPhone like she has taken the “iPhone for babies” class. Of course, there’s no such class (I think) and iPhones don’t have to be explained. You pick them up – including babies apparently – and start using them. They are designed so well they don’t need explanations. Unfortunately, not everything […]

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