Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

How do you make the same story interesting year after year?

There are plenty of organizations out there on what I would call a cyclical storytelling cycle. Every year at a certain time, the same story has to be retold. It has to because somebody says so and it has been done that way for awhile. This might be the case for nonprofits that are doing […]

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My story doesn’t change because a competitor’s does

I tweeted this the other day: A couple of competitors decided to be less authentic. Certainly, I won’t change my approach because of that. We want to win in whatever industry we are in. Sure. I do, too. Heck, one of my strengths is being competitive. And I am and don’t apologize for it.  It’s […]

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Speaker Tip: Participating in the Event Hashtag on Twitter Leads to Attendees

Many events now have published hashtags so attendees and even people at home can discuss sessions, connect with like-minded people and even ask questions of the organizers. It’s really a great tool. I remember a few years ago when I attended my first global United Way conference and made a number of offline connections after first […]

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Authentic storytelling isn’t about being right (or wrong)

One of the problems with getting started with authentic storytelling is that many of us want to be right and accepted when we share stories. We can be so timid – almost like we are walking on egg shells – when we get used to sharing our authentic stories publicly. “People walking on egg shells […]

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Session titles matter until they don’t

The other day I was working on arrangements to speak about authentic storytelling to a group (surprise, I know) when I was batting around ideas for the name of the session with the organizer. I even shared my top three ideas with some other people and got their input on which session they would attend based […]

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How many brands bring this kind of excitement?

The other day Disney bands, which we will use on an upcoming Disney World vacation, arrived and here’s my seven-year-old’s reaction:    So exciting. Of course, we can’t actually use the bands until we go there, but they represent an experience. And of course the experience circles around many different Disney stories. She’s counting down […]

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TV commercials might just get me to stop watching

I remember years ago – before iPhones and DVRs, which seems so long ago – when we watched a TV show. The plot was thickening. We were invested in the characters and the storyline. We were watching intently. There was no second screen. Just a first one. And then the commercial break came on as the […]

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We have to know (and remember) our values to live them

A few years ago I made the comment to an executive mentor that it’s hard for a certain group of employees to live all of the organization’s values. Before she could chime in, I listed a dozen or so excuses that I’ve heard from this specific group why this is the case. Perhaps some of […]

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