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How to get reviews for your book!

Christoph Trappe

July 7, 2017


Reviews of our products online matter. So much that many businesses go out and encourage and solicit them. I do too. When somebody buys one of my books and I know they did, I will often follow up and ask them to consider posting a review. Some of them do! Get a copy of one […]

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Trying to be perfect can kill storytelling

July 2017 update ⬇️⬇️⬇️ You’ve heard me talk about how perfectionism can kill content marketing and organizational storytelling-including in the post below, which I first published in July 2014. I was reminded of this when I was starting to read Jon Acuff’s new book “Finish: Give yourself the gift of done.” ⬅️⬅️ Affiliate links, meaning I […]

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ONLINE REVIEWS: Sometimes we – the customer – just don’t want to discuss negative reviews any further 😱👎⭐️

You’ve probably heard me talk about that responses to online reviews and really any customer feedback publicly or not publicly are usually better than no response at all. But sometimes additional discussion from the perspective of the customer, i.e. the person leaving the review – is not something that’s desired. This really hit me over […]

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If you don’t respond to follow-up messages this is for you… [COMMUNICATIONS]

Here’s the scenario:  Recruiter/ conference planner/ media person/ etc. reaches out to me with a question for availability, pricing or to chat about an opportunity.  I respond quickly. I like to think it’s my thing.  I’m available. Here’s a budget range. I can offer that service. Hop on a call? And then nothing. They forgot […]

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When I ran into a demonstration in Berlin …

On my Summer 2017 trip to Berlin I was having beers with a friend when I saw a lot of police 👮 activity outside. You know how it is …. once a reporter, always a reporter. Time to investigate and we were done with our beers anyway.  Ich bin ein Storyteller.  Turns out a demonstration […]

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The importance of making content marketing projects fun 😍😜🤔😀

I was speaking in Berlin at the Best of Content Marketing conference in June 2017 and tried something new: I used emoji pillows for my talk. Let me walk you through that. Keep in mind the point of this article is to show how important it can be to make projects fun so frontline staff […]

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[TRAVEL] How to use the Uber app in Berlin even though Berlin doesn’t have  many Ubers 

Berlin doesn’t allow Uber so on a trip to speak at the Content Marketing Forum 2017 in Berlin I opted for taxis over a rental car for my ground transport.  That was until I opened the Uber app, you know just to be sure it really isn’t working. And, yup, I couldn’t order an Uber […]

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[TRAVEL PHOTOS] The emotions visiting (the history of) Berlin 

Of course Berlin, the once divided city in the eastern part of Germany, has a lot of history – some of it not so good. The Berlin Wall and the Third Reich are two things that come to mind and thankfully the city has created local sites where tourists or really anyone can go and […]

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Why sometimes basic  content is actually needed

You might remember those moments in school:  You write something  The teacher edits something out and says that is implied or people just know that  It’s common sense knowledge! Or something like that. But who actually decides what’s common or basic knowledge anyway? I get reminded of this all the time: I read things and […]

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TRAVEL STORIES: This Europe trip could have started off better! “Do you need oxygen?” 

I was heading to Berlin in June 2017 to speak at the Content Marketing Forum. Upgrade has been requested from Chicago to London (lie down seats are nice for overnight flights – obviously!). All my props and clothes fit in my one carry on and jacket.  Ready to go. The layover in Chicago wasn’t super […]

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Why (marketing and communications) leaders just shouldn’t interrupt people 

Formal marketing and communications leaders often are leaders because they: Know their industry and know what works  Are often right Know what they want or at least  think they know what they want Aren’t afraid to share their opinion Of course the last item can sometimes lead to the interrupting of people- maybe intentionally and […]

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What titles should I use on my content marketing team?

Content marketing titles are all over the place! Dare I say they are out of control? Maybe that’s too strong but the lack of uniformity is there. Even for a guy who makes a living in making lack of uniformity work for organizations.  Being unique has a certain level of not being uniform! Nonetheless content […]

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The No. 1 career killer for content marketers (and inbound marketers) is …

This phenomenon is probably not news to anyone in marketing: People stay with organizations for decades and they remember the print-only days at the organization. Or people stick around for months! “Hey, new kid! How come that 20-month project isn’t showing results in month 2? Buh bye!!!” I’m currently working in my second longest stint […]

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Is that really a good idea to try to relive our childhood experiences as adults?

Christoph Trappe

June 19, 2017


We’ve been having an interesting discussion at home. A friend from Germany posted on Facebook that they visited an island for vacation that  I also visited during my childhood with my family. Just him mentioning the name of the island and posting a few beautiful photos brought back memories of my experiences there. Now, you have […]

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[TRAVEL] How I’ll deal with the on and off #electronicsban on an upcoming Europe trip 

Christoph Trappe

June 18, 2017


After not traveling anywhere and with two cancelled trips – including one to India -during May my June and July are looking tremendously busy with travel within the USA and also to Europe. Here’s a look on a map: For the last few weeks there’s been an ongoing discussion over a so called electronics been […]

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[TRAVEL] Two ways travel technology has recently helped me

Technology can make our lives easier and of course harder. There are still plenty of times when technological solutions don’t work or aren’t keeping my specific customer journey in mind.  But then there are the times when I’m  delightfully  surprised and when technology makes a transaction simple or helps me accomplish a goal on a […]

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