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Multi-tasking fail: Why we can’t always trust our phone apps

Christoph Trappe

January 30, 2018


OMG. What a fail. You can only do one correctly at once: Be on a conference call ✅ Find a gate ❌ Know where you are ❌ Pick one. 😱🤦‍♂️ Travel diaries Part 346 below ⬇️⬇️ Sometimes technology isn’t perfect. Like people. They’re not perfect either. And of course when some situations don’t play out […]

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How to write clickworthy – but not clickbaity content

Content creators who produce clickworthy headlines and subject lines toe the line to clickbait but never cross it! Clickbait often makes readers click and then the content doesn’t necessarily hold up what the headline promised. But at least we got you to click. Ha. Of course, a one-time click strategy is not a project for […]

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Should we try the Twitter threads function?

I would highly recommend that you try Twitter threads for ongoing stories. Start with an (hopefully) interesting tweet, then add to it (aka keep replying to it).I’ve done this for Twitter chats and since threads are new some people found that to be cool 😎 .I also used a thread on my latest travel story […]

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Should we even bother with “digital transformation?”

“We need to undergo a digital transformation with our content.” Some people have even called me a digital transformer. We used to be on TV Saturday mornings in the 80s. 😱🤪 And the intent behind digital transformation is very valid: We need to evolve our business. Often that includes doing more digitally. But often the […]

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How your brand should decide whether not to do an April fool story

April Fool’s Day can be a great occasion for brands to share stories – as part of their content marketing – that are outrageous, fun and, well, April Fool’s jokes. I haven’t published an April Fool’s story before on here but am considering it this year. Given that we have some time, I thought I’d […]

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