Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

How inside sales people can use storytelling to stand out


May 10, 2017

Email, Sales, Workflow

You might care about this article if you are: an inside sales person an sales leader Inside sales people, of course, are those sales teams that place outbound phone calls and send emails to prospective clients. In many regards I’m a bit of an inside sales person myself actually: I email event producers and potential […]

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Why fast communication often can beat slow communication [SOCIAL MEDIA]

I respond pretty quickly to all kinds of messages that are coming my way. That includes emails, direct messages on Twitter and those Facebook Messenger messages that come from this website. As you may recall, a few days ago I added the Messenger widget to the site and now, after about 22 seconds, it pops […]

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[CUSTOMER SERVICE] How to add a useful Facebook Messenger bot to your website

This article gives you a step-by-step overview how to add your Facebook Messenger bot to your website, link it correctly to your account and set up automatic messages.

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UPDATED: How to add the CONTACT button to your Instagram account in seconds 

A look at how to add the contact options on business Instagram accounts.

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Should I friend my coworkers on social media – like Facebook?

Things to consider when befriending coworkers and others on your personal social media channels.

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How to manage Instagram comments from within Facebook [SOCIAL MEDIA]

This article shares how to use the shared Facebook and Instagram Inbox to manage comments within both networks from one location.

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Twitter rolls out emoji search – so should we be using emojis 😳 in our social media posts❓ ⬇️

I'm not always a big fan of emojis in social media posts. But they can be effective in the right situations and for the right brands. 🙄😆

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Technology should really resolve the content creation problem of lengthy headlines 

A look at the problem of headlines being too long on certain channels. How can we get that fixed?

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Things to consider when using WordPress as your website CMS


April 29, 2017


WordPress is a great content creation tool but also has some drawbacks. This article takes a look at the advantages and disadvantage of using WordPress as your content management system.

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Why digital marketers must be okay with constant rejection and how to deal with it

A look at how digital marketers can deal with constant rejection and move forward for digital marketing success.

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Social media advertising: Is that dollar actually well spent?

A look at how overnight success in digital marketing takes longer than overnight. Specifically we are discussing paid and organic strategies.

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Why measuring share counts might not be the best way to measure actual sharing of content 

Measuring social media shares might be harder than it sounds. A look at how people share content.

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Things to consider before video recording other people and posting to social media

I'm all for sharing stories through multiple mediums but there are things to consider before recording other people without their knowledge.

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Should I automatically push my promoted Facebook post to Instagram?

A look at whether or not you should push your promoted Facebook post to Instagram automatically.

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Here’s the real reason why content marketing fails in large organizations 

A look at the most common reason why content marketing projects fail. Once the reason is identified, we can try to fix it!

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[APPS] Why I wish the “general bugs” app updates would just stop

How companies can write better app update documentation.

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[CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS] Sharing an organization’s story really shouldn’t be this difficult


April 18, 2017


My conference presentations and workshops constantly evolve. But all of them build on the concept of sharing stories for long-term success and with the customer in mind. Before heading to Chicago in April 2017 to speak at a global sales conference I designed a new exercise. It’s part of evolving the learning experience for attendees. […]

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[MARKETING LIFE] How out-of-office replies are actually a marketing tool


April 17, 2017


How I use out-of-office email replies as a marketing technique. ⬆️⬆️⬆️

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[INSTAGRAM] How to use the new Instagram picture-within-a-picture feature

A look at how do use the new Instagram photo within a photo feature.

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[TRAVEL STORIES] What’s better? Uber or Lyft? 🚗🚗

A look at my ride-sharing preference: Uber or Lyft

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Why content marketing practitioners actually have to specialize to a degree

A look at why well-rounded content marketing practitioners who are experts at everything likely don't exist.

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How to get paid for digital strategy


April 12, 2017


A look at how digital strategists can actually get paid for their work!

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[AGENCY LIFE] Why marketers should take an agency stint

This article looks at how agency stints can help all marketers in their careers.

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[YOUTUBE ADVERTISING] How to check easily if you have more than 10,000 views to add ads to YouTube videos

YouTube has announced that only channels with 10,000 views or more can show ads and receive ad revenue. Here's a look at how you can easily check your view count.

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[MEASURING RESULTS] How many web analytics services should I use on my website?

This article looks at how many web metrics services we should have on our website.

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Influencer marketing: Behind-the-scenes stories work and here’s why!


April 8, 2017


“Disclaimer:” We bought our own tickets but were able to be on the field and the diamond as part of my daughter’s elementary school activities. The Single A team in Cedar Rapids – the Kernels – invites elementary school kids to: Sing 🎶 the national anthem  Carry out the oversized 🇺🇸 flag in the outfield  […]

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Top 10 reasons why I likely won’t leave Iowa tomorrow!

A look at why living in Iowa rocks. The top 10 reasons from Christoph Trappe ranging from cost of living, to owning cows and low crime rates.

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