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Why I accepted Adobe’s invitation to attend #AdobeSummit as an insider

Adobe invited me out to Las Vegas for their North American conference as one of 16 social media insiders. A look at why I accepted and what the plan is.

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Photo booths at conferences: Participate or not? [BRANDING]

Photo booths are all the rage at conferences now. Wear these silly glasses, throw on a silly scarf thingy and throw your leg up in the air to show you are having fun.  Every once in a while when speaking at a conference the person introducing me will remind people to stop by the photo […]

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[Mobile blogging] How to improve social sharing from the updated WordPress mobile app after dictating a post 

I blog and post about 80 or 90 percent of all of my blog posts on here from the mobile WordPress app. I’ve done that for years and it actually enables me to blog more. I often voice dictate my posts and sometimes I write them with my thumb while riding a stationary bike at […]

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PICTURES: There’s nothing wrong with not wearing a full suit for a TV interview -sometimes 

That of course assumes that only the top half of you is shown to viewers. 😱🤔😂 We certainly hear jokes of TV anchors not wearing pants because only their upper half is  shown on TV. And with more and more people working at home more and more people don’t necessarily dress up every day. That […]

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New communication skill alert: Understanding wrong autocorrects correctly

Christoph Trappe

March 14, 2017


Being able to understand mistyped autocorrects is a new skill.

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