Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

#wordsmatter: Storyteller over content creator and other marketing words that should be changed 

When I grew up with the hopes of becoming a journalist the term content creator never even crossed anyone’s mind. Neither did storyteller. Journalists practiced journalism and marketers marketed. Even though, content marketing was already being practiced by several organizations the term was not yet widely used for around another 20 years. When I practiced […]

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What does it mean to streamline social media for an organization? 

How do we make things more efficient? How can we streamline the process? How can we make sure one person does it? I know that there’s a place for structure in authentic storytelling on blogs, social media and even offline channels. As much as we talk about digital only here and elsewhere, offline content is […]

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What journalism skills can be used directly in content marketing?

Some journalism skills can be transferred directly to the content marketing world. Let’s take them one by one. Meeting deadlines  Journalists are constantly faced with deadlines in a near 24/7 news cycle. A deadline is a deadline. If it’s missed, the TV newscast might be short a story or the newspaper article didn’t get edited. […]

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Yes, I’m always looking to top yesterday’s performance

I used to walk 3 miles, then that felt like old hat and I started running, first slowly, then a little faster, then a little further. I always try to top yesterday. Daily. Every day was a competition with yesterday. Then I would go to the gym at 5 a.m. Sixty minutes was plenty of time. Then […]

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#CMAD: Yes, personal branding techniques can be used in the corporate world

Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day 2016. For the 2015 day, I blogged about why community manager is not an entry level role. (Read that post here if you like.) This year, I would like to discuss the difference between building a personal brand vs. an organizational one on social media and online communities, including blogs, and how personal […]

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Where would you go to find somebody? Facebook or Google?

In January 2016, somebody’s cat ended up camping out in our front yard. Of course, my daughters declared that we “now have a cat.” I even got some puppy eyes while that case was made. But, it was somebody’s cat and, really, I don’t need or want a cat. Good thing it had an Animal […]

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When I didn’t say a word for 24 hours!

Christoph Trappe

January 20, 2016


In late 2015, I totally lost my voice. I sounded terrible and of course tried to suck it up and just keep going. Clearly, that didn’t work, so I decided to just stop talking for a day, drink tea and try to get my voice back. I spent the day at home – mostly in […]

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Changing something we’ve done for a long time is soooo hard 

The longer people do something the harder it can be for them to change their minds, outlooks, opinions, etc. I’ve been managing people for 30 years. This is how you do it. I’ve been on Twitter from nearly the beginning. Don’t tell me about something I should change. I know how to be a mom. […]

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How to present without PowerPoints

I’ve presentered with PowerPoints and without them. There are certainly advantages to both: With PowerPoints Allows us to present visuals Allows us to stay on track Can be shared with audience members later – but really I’ve never looked a PowerPoint again from a presentation I attended. Do people routinely do that? Slideshare allows us to […]

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Some ways to blog feel less like work 

Sometimes I blog on my smartphone – despite my laptop sitting just a step or two away. But, yet, I chose to type out a few hundred words with mostly my two thumbs inside the mobile WordPresss app. I’ve said before that this technique can help us blog in those spare moments of free time. […]

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Do Tweets with images really perform better on Twitter?

Tweets with images perform better!!!! We’ve seen the studies and expert opinions. And yes, I’ve seen accounts that have Tweets that perform a lot better when they include authentic and uniquely original photos. I set out to take a look and see if this was the case for my Twitter account, which as you may recall was […]

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Things to remember with your social media video in 2016 and beyond 

Some have called 2016 the year of video and live streaming. I think that’s great because video storytelling and live streaming are great ways to take your authentic storytelling content marketing up a notch.  And great videos can be shot and produced with the devices in our pockets – the smartphone.  But there are also […]

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“We can just add social media (or whatever) to somebody’s job title” doesn’t work!

“Other duties as assigned” might appear to be a blank check to some so-called managers but assigning tasks on top of tasks that an employee doesn’t have the skills for doesn’t set up anyone – including the manager – for success. Additionally, it might not make the best use of a team member’s top strengths. […]

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Periscope: Let’s add some value, friends!

I love, love, love Periscope, the still somewhat new live streaming app.  I love how you can watch people’s live stream from the beach while I’m sitting in my living room under a blanket in snowy Iowa. I love when people share actual expertise. I love the conversation that is possible. Related: More Periscope blog […]

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MeVee – another live-streaming social media app – launches

There certainly are enough live streaming apps out there with Periscope, Meerkat, Blab and now MeVee, which launched in early January 2016 right in time for the CES conference. And there are other live-streaming services as well that have been around for years. I was made aware of the MeVee launch by a Tweet from social media […]

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Facebook Profile “Pictures” Now Can be 7-second Videos

I just ran across this new Facebook feature. Facebook Profile Pictures are no longer restricted to just photos. Ha. You can now upload a short video. As you can see in the nearby photo, you can upload a 7-second video as your profile photo. Seven seconds go by fast, so make every word count. As […]

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