Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

My top 6 reasons how a blog can help you reach your marketing and business goals 

When done right blogging and authentic storytelling content marketing can help us reach our marketing and business goals. Done right means that we share information that is valuable and relevant  but not markety to our audiences. It doesn’t always sell.  So here are my top 6 reasons how well-executed blogging help reach our marketing and business […]

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What value-based healthcare means to me – the patient

I’ve been reading some pretty interesting books on patient experience and value-based healthcare. In addition, I keynoted at the Population Health Forum in Boston in May 2016 and discussed how storytelling can help people be healthier. Also, in May, I keynoted at the Cleveland Clinic Patient Experience Summit and was able to catch up with […]

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How to scale content marketing (or any) strategies 

One person presents a new idea, concept or technique to a group of people (dare I say committee members?). Another person – often one with a fancy title – chimes in: “But, but, but how do we scale that?” “Um, I don’t know. I was just coming up with an idea.” And with that the […]

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How to use Twitter hashtags to find people you actually want to follow

Twitter does recommend people to follow and sometimes they are highly relevant and sometimes not so much.  Connecting with and following the right people can make Twitter quite enjoyable. Following the wrong people – spammers, scammers, meanies, etc. – can make it a pain. One way to follow people you are likely to care about […]

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How to find your organization’s content sweet spot [CONVERSION + ENGAGEMENT]

Digital marketers often fall into one of two categories: The engagement huggers – These are the marketers who report every like, retweet and comment they get. Success in their world is a feeling. People are hearing us and they are responding. The conversion overthinkers – How do we get people to do something next? Usually, that something […]

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The problem with letting actions speak for themselves

You’ve likely heard it: Actions speak  louder than words. And that is true in some instances. In cases where we say one thing but do another, actions absolutely can speak louder than words. Especially when people notice the action.  But a lot of times they don’t. For example, if somebody is producing a lot of […]

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KEEP DIGGING: How journalists can help content marketers uncover those hidden stories 

One thing that I enjoyed very much as a journalist was to uncover the stories that nobody else was sharing. There were many reasons why they weren’t being shared. Something negative happened, somebody was doing something illegal and sometimes there was a cover-up. The farther you dug, the more stories you could uncover. Sometimes they […]

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When people jump to conclusions … 

It’s oh so easy to jump to conclusions and to assume we know how other people will react and what they are thinking. Of course, the problem with jumping is we might not land in the right place. Our conclusions are based on guesses, gut feelings, our attitude toward our relationship with the other people […]

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UPDATED: How to unsubscribe from somebody’s Facebook Live notifications

Facebook Live, similar to Periscope, allows Facebook users to livestream video to their Facebook friends (and fans). I’m a big fan of livestreaming video – in large part because it is live, real and allows for interaction. It’s authentic. But, that doesn’t mean that I have to want to get everyone’s notifications when they go […]

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[SOCIAL MEDIA] How to easily add animations to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter photos

Multimedia – photos and video specially – are important on social media, but also can create a challenge for content producers. Taking unique and relevant photos and video takes time and an eye for something that is worth disseminating. Many out there use stock images only with their blog posts and social media. Long-term it’s […]

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[STORYTELLING] How to get access to the people with the good stories

It’s virtually impossible to share good and meaningful stories if we don’t have access to the people who lived and participated in those stories. That’s why personal storytelling is so much easier than organizational storytelling. We already have access to the person who lived the story – us. When we work in an organization’s communications […]

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: We will take your order however you like to give it 

On a trip to Boston to speak about storytelling at the Population Health Forum  I stopped at a Which Wich sandwich shop for lunch. I had never been to one and had no idea how to order nor did I download the app before I arrived. See, at Which Wich shops you order by filling […]

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If customers don’t agree with your “improvement” it’s not actually an improvement 

I was on the phone with a service I really enjoyed after they had increased rates by over 200 percent.  That’s crazy in itself, right?  So I tried to find out what would have prompted that kind of rate increase. It certainly wasn’t inflation. They were really nice on the phone and answered my questions. […]

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Why moments of vulnerable transparency are important in employee relations, innovation and customer service 

A moment of vulnerable transparency is when people say something true and honest but that is not necessarily traditionally acceptable to share or even politically correct. It helps people make decisions! Recommended reading:  Don’t mistake politically incorrect for actually incorrect (keynote video) This could include: Leaders sharing with employees a mistake they’ve made. Customer service […]

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How to take better selfies [SOCIAL MEDIA]

This article discusses how to take better selfies and includes tips from smiling, looking at the camera (and not the screen) and more.

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Online #CustServ: Wording matters so we don’t think we were hacked! [EXAMPLE]

Traveling a lot gives us lots of opportunities to experience unique, interesting and sometimes weird stories. It also offers different glimpses what companies and organizations are doing when it comes to good, neutral and just bad customer service. I think of the travel industry in these buckets: You need them! These are airlines, train systems, […]

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