Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

How Instagram helps us recognize shareable moments and tell even better stories 

One of the things I like about Instagram is that – at least in theory – it’s actually harder to share content than it is on Twitter or Facebook. Taking good photos takes a different level of effort and even skillset. On those other two networks, you can share blog post links or quick soundbites […]

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What I’ve learned from the blog-to-book strategy

Now that my first book is out and available on Amazon, it’s a good time to reflect on what worked well and what I have learned for my next books’ productions. During the summer of 2015, I publicly announced that I was writing that book. Yes, that helped and even though nobody was officially checking in on me […]

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Business travel tip: Don’t forget where you are! Enjoy it at least a bit!

I travel a lot. And I love it. You may say it’s part of my story. Ha. Yes, I miss my family, but we FaceTime and most of my trips are short. Think 1-3 days. Even international trips have typically been under a week. But on all my trips – no matter how short I […]

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Live social media video: What to do when somebody calls while you are on-air

The other day I was doing a live Periscope when my phone rang. I was surprised. What should I do? My phone never rings. Ha. People text or email usually.  Since I was a bit startled, I answered the call and, of course, that stops the Scope cold. No wrap-up with the viewers. No goodbyes. […]

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Why it can be okay for organizations to share stories that might appear conflicting

We have to stay on message. On brand. Etc. Etc. I get it. It’s important that our brand is representing what it is, but it’s too easy to apply old school marketing techniques to the new world of integrated marketing and authentic storytelling. One area where message alignment continues to come up is in content […]

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Click Asia content strategy webinar: How to find the zone of mutually relevant content 

I partnered with Click Asia for this new webinar on July 28. It happened at 4:30 p.m. India time (6 a.m. Chicago time). OVERVIEW Too many are creating content that is self serving, but the trick is to create content and experiences that are mutually beneficial to the consumer and the organization. Consumers should find […]

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How many characters do you have in an Instagram caption before the MORE button shows?

Instagram, the photo-sharing app owned by Facebook, is a network organizations and people should pay attention to. Its user-base has been growing and personally I love how it encourages people to share photos – authentic ones, I hope. And you can’t even include links in photo posts so it’s less about clicking and more about […]

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[LIVE VIDEO] Why many watch Periscope Scopes without downloading the app

I’ve been doing almost daily Scopes in the summer of 2016 and noticed that the majority of viewers aren’t logged into Periscope when they watch.  That means they can’t leave comments, give you hearts or even subscribe to future Scopes.  I looked back over my last six Scopes to see how this shook out: On […]

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[FITNESS BLOG] Does competition or peer pressure help us be more active?

I like to think I’m in charge of my own life and decisions so without any data my answer would be: No. I don’t need tracked competition to be more active. I got it! #boom After all, I’ve been getting close to 10,000 steps per day, lost 130 pounds in recent years and bulked up […]

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Should I be using those new Twitter stickers in my storytelling and content marketing?

As of early July 2016, Twitter now allows you to add stickers to your photos. Yea, stickers like the ones  kids get as rewards offline, at stores and that sort of thing.  There are several sticker categories on Twitter: Celebrate, animals and flags to name just a few. Some have said the stickers are looking […]

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How incorrect information on your website can lose you customers

It’s a long weekend in the United States with Independence Day on a Monday in 2016. With that some businesses have adjusted their hours this weekend to allow employees to spend a bit more time away from work. Good for them, but it’s still important to let customers know about that change.  Here’s how my […]

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[ANALYSIS] Why not to overthink publishing schedules based on user behavior 

I’m a big fan of analysing what is working and why it’s working, but there is also the flip side of overthinking things and mis-analyzing them.  When to publish stories or social media posts fits there.  Social media research changes constantly on when the best times to publish are. Publish at 1. No 3. On […]

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[CUSTOMER SERVICE] How to get your nonrefundable hotel stay (or anything) refunded

My favorite rule is always the one that says: You may disregard our 5,252 rules when it helps you provide better customer service. And – just for the record – this is not a post about how to cheat businesses out of what you owe them. It’s about how to get refunded what you didn’t […]

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Facebook or Twitter advertising? What works better?

The answer depends a bit on your definition of “works.” I ran a test using my June “Mean Tweets” post and video. I posted this to Facebook and Twitter. Same wording, same picture, same link.  I promoted both posts, each for $50. Twitter’s promotion started right away and didn’t appear to allow me to choose […]

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Our place of work is one piece of what makes us us

When I attend conferences and meet other people in general (especially if we don’t know each other from Twitter or another social network) the first question often is this: “Where do you work?” And I want to respond: “Why does that matter?” Of course, I don’t say that because, well, I’m polite. 🙂 Sometimes. But, […]

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How to effectively deal with negative feedback 

We all get negative feedback from time to time. It stings at first, but we can learn from it, and and it can help make us better.  For the most part, I’ve been hitting my stride sharing the message of authentic storytelling through the book, speaking, blogging, implementation and training. For the most part. Every […]

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