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[FITNESS BLOG TEST] How accurate is the heart beats per minute on the Fitbit Surge?

I love my Fitbit. It tracks my sleep, steps and heart rate. The heart beats per minute  is probably what I check the least but it’s still interesting to swipe over to from time to time.  I check my tracked sleep daily and know that I need to hit around seven hours without waking to […]

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Why you’d want to apply to verify your Twitter account 

In August 2016, Twitter opened up the application process to verify accounts – meaning you get the little blue checkmark and Twitter confirms it’s you.  Accounts of public interest have a chance to get verified and the process is pretty straight forward.  Apply  Upload an image of your driver’s license Share two supporting links of […]

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You don’t have to justify your story to me

We all want to be loved. Sometimes so badly that we work harder on convincing the unconvinceable and forget about empowering those who already believe and are sharing experiences with us. I think of this sometimes when I chat with somebody who has a different method of operation. They explain what they are doing. I […]

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[FITNESS BLOG]Where to run while visiting Des Moines 

As mentioned in previous blog posts, I’ve found it can be hard to figure out where to go on a run while traveling. So, I like to share where I’ve run while on the road. Today’s city: Des Moines, Iowa.  Gray’s Lake Park has a fantastic trail that leads around the lake and one lap is […]

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[PUBLIC SPEAKING] What to do with the podium during a talk

I don’t need a podium to hold myself up when giving a keynote, workshop or any talk really. It hasn’t always been this way. When I first started public speaking I would cling onto the thing. My hands sweating at the end. Heck, I was lucky not to have pushed it over.  Those are the […]

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Instagram Stories delete after 24 hours but is that privacy?

In early August 2016, Instagram announced and launched Instagram Stories. From the Instagram blog:  You can bring your story to life in new ways with text and drawing tools. The photos and videos will disappear after 24 hours and won’t appear on your profile grid or in feed. Read more here  Stories show up at […]

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When to tag people in social media photos and when not to

Tagging people in social media photos can extend the reach of those photos, which is likely why some of us want to tag everyone and their brother – so to speak.  But be careful with tagging people who are not actually in the photo. It could be considered spam or at least annoying. See, even […]

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You won’t believe how many people visit Twitter profiles!

I’ll fill the Twitter profile out later. Who visits profile pages anyway? Nobody, right? That’s what I thought. People catch Twitter updates in their stream and follow people as they run across them. Of course, running across them often means to also check out their profile to see what they are about. Afterall, who wants […]

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The reason why photos on blogs should link to something other than themselves 

Every month (and most days) I look at my blog’s metrics to find trends. What’s working? What’s not working? Where are people coming from? What are they reading. And so on.  And this month’s trend clearly is this: People do indeed click on photos. I would assume they expect to be taken somewhere. Somewhere other […]

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Why to be careful with directive language 

“Do this…” “Here’s how you should do ….” Directive language – aka being bossy – hardly ever works. People don’t have to have to listen to it anyway. Short-term compliance won’t help us reach long-term goals. I once had a boss say to me:  “… And we have no choice but to do this. Go […]

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Ice Bucket Challenge – Millions Raised in Peer-to-Peer Social Media Campaign

July 28, 2016 update The Ice Bucket Challenge has made a difference according to published reports: Healthday reports “It actually funded a study that has discovered an important new ALS gene.” That’s great to hear. Read more here. August 24, 2014 post: Every Tuesday, people from around the healthcare industry discuss healthcare topics during the #hcldr chat on […]

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News stories delivered through Facebook Messenger

As we know people use Facebook and Facebook Messenger. Now there are Messenger bots, who can engage with us. 🙂 While I prefer to usually engage with real people, from a content distribution perspective it seems this new function can help us share our stories even wider. I ran across the Facebook Messenger share button on […]

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Why it can be okay to have “sources” read your stories before publication (in some cases)

When I was a reporter, I wrote all kinds of stories. Positive ones. Negative ones. Exposes and investigate pieces even. But never was I allowed to show sources/subjects of the stories the story before it was published – at that point – in the printed newspaper the next day.  Since I called them they usually […]

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Sharing valuable and educational information everywhere – including the sidewalk – in content marketing 

As you hear me say frequently, I’m a big believer in and practitioner of Create Once, Publish Eveywhere (aka COPE) Sometimes  people take that to mean digital only, but COPE actually applies to all channels.  Gather content once and then share it everywhere. That could include digital channels – like blogs, social media and display ads  – and […]

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Why every strategist needs a team to execute content marketing strategies

As I’m continuing to help  hospitals and health plans coast to coast start and implement their content marketing, content creation, social media and eNewsletter strategies one thing has become super clear in the last 5-10 years: Content marketing and storytelling is a team effort. I notice this especially when I hear some speakers at conferences […]

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Why age 13 is too late for children to get on social media the first time

You may have heard that children aren’t allowed to get social media accounts until age 13. The reasons are well-intentioned and make sense. For example, children could be exposed to mean and dangerous things on social media. The same is true offline. See: Children could be exposed to mean and dangerous things IN LIFE. And […]

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