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Marketing with Twitter: How the parody Twitter account Adweak grew and helps with business leads

Adweak uses an Onion-type style of writing and pokes fun at agency and marketing life. Founder and copywriter Mickey “Paul” Taylor joined me on a podcast episode and shares why he started the account and how it creates writing projects for him.

Why you might consider SoundCloud for your podcasts – because it plays natively in Twitter

Estimated read time: 2 minutesHow we can distribute our content in new ways while maximizing the existing ways has always been interesting to me. So of course I was excited to see that SoundCloud-hosted podcasts also play natively on Twitter. Sound on: Listen to the […]

New Twitter feature: Native scheduling – how does it work from mobile?

Estimated read time: 2 minutesSocial media scheduling is probably the most basic form of marketing automation. I’m a fan, have done it for years and still schedule posts today. Of course, scheduling in third-party apps is convenient for marketers and content creators. Scheduling once is […]

Here’s why you are seeing an increase in Twitter direct messages – Twitter is now encouraging people

Estimated read time: 1 minutesIn 2017, Twitter shut down automatic direct messages! As a consumer I appreciated that so much! I didn’t have to acknowledge messages I didn’t want to read in the first place. As a marketer, they kind of worked and I used […]

[Live Video] Doing a live Twitter video helped me solve the problem of being stuck in my frozen car

Estimated read time: 1 minutesI spent a couple days in Chicago for content marketing purposes and the weather was terrible. Flights were canceled because of ice and the temperatures were a windy -2000 or something like that. Here’s a video of the wind as I […]