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[Video] How to publish longer videos on Instagram Stories? Will my recording cut off?

Estimated read time: 2 minutesI recently quit Facebook – again – so we will see how that’s going to shake out. Of course, something has to make up the void! I’ve been watching more YouTube, Hulu and have been focusing my social media storytelling on […]


Estimated read time: 1 minutesThanks for clicking over from my Instagram account and stories I’ve shared on there. Given how fast Instagram moves, I’ve created this page for your reference to find stories: More tweet shirts on Amazon ?? The best airport landings. Please open […]

How long can an Instagram Live be? 1 hour, but you can start again right away and here’s why that might be good

Estimated read time: 2 minutesI was watching newly-elected U.S. Congresswoman (NY) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Instagram Live on a Sunday night. She was cooking and discussing politics. Awesome. Very authentic and talk about bringing people into your home! At one point she led a friend in. Another […]

[Instagram strategies] Here’s why you should tag yourself in your Instagram Stories that have hashtags

Estimated read time: 2 minutesHashtags in Instagram Stories have evolved since they first rolled out in May 2017. By the way: Check out my Hashtag Halloween costume here. Other Halloween costume ideas for marketers here. That’s the nature of hashtags and social media as well […]

How TV shows and fitness influencers repurpose and use multiple videos in one Instagram post

Estimated read time: 2 minutesAnd certainly any brand can follow this strategy. You really just need videos, an Instagram account and the willingness to try. About two years ago, Instagram rolled out the ability for users to upload more than one image or video to […]

[Social media tip] Is it possible to post text on Instagram without having a photo to post?

Estimated read time: 1 minutesTechnically no, but practically yes. Let me explain how to post a text-only message directly in the Instagram app but it’s ultimately still a picture. Here’s how to do it. Start by creating a new Story. Once in there, scroll over […]

How branded and sponsored content work on Instagram and Facebook

Estimated read time: 2 minutesSponsored and influencer content has been a topic of interest to me-especially since I’ve participated in influencer programs. In this post I’ll take a look at sponsored content on Instagram and Facebook. Related: My influencer marketing services And the Federal Trade […]