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TRAVEL: How to get a $6,000 business class seat to Europe or South America for $350

Christoph Trappe

August 17, 2017


I love flying to Europe, Asia, South America and Australia to talk about authentic storytelling content marketing, but those overnight flights in coach can ruin the beginning of any trip. The solution of course is to fly business class. Just make sure it’s business class with lie down seats like this one. This is a 772 […]

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The advantages of treadmill and stand-up desks

The below was actually first written a couple years ago when I was first introduced to stand up and treadmill desks. Now in 2017 I actually work at home and have a standup desk and a treadmill desk. My daily routine consists of standing for a few hours, walking for around 400 calories on the […]

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Why I now offer follow up-calls after content marketing workshops

Christoph Trappe

August 14, 2017


Content marketing workshops and thought partnership relationships are often mutually beneficial.

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Putting taglines or scripts in your own words helps authenticity

Using our own words in our own voice helps authenticity. Here's an example: I called customer support to get help with a product I was using (and still use) inside my home. The customer service rep who answered had a sense of humor and definitely did not stick with the company script. Now, that can […]

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Why it’s OK for people to circle the block for parking when they go to the gym

Every few months or so I see people posting in blog posts, on social media and sometimes face-to-face something to this effect: You're going to the gym. Why does it matter if you park a few spots farther away? And I used to laugh at that and then I start wondering why is that even […]

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How to easily book meetings with people in other time zones

Working with content marketing strategists around the globe also requires me to often set up meetings with people in other times zones. FREE DOWNLOAD: 7 Ways to Optimize Your Content Marketing Strategy Crossing time zones to book meetings, of course, can create confusion. Did they mean in their own time zone or did they mean […]

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Why this guy now wears makeup when speaking at conferences

Christoph Trappe

August 9, 2017


I really enjoy speaking at conferences and connecting with the audience. Recently I’ve started using a new approach where I throw emojis at audience members to show the different types of content. Here are some pictures from a 2017 talk in Berlin that I haven’t shared on here yet: And while I practice my talks, […]

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INBOUND TIPS: Before you change your job on LinkedIn have a strategy

You got a new job and you’re ready to change your LinkedIn profile. Ready to update that online listing with your new place of employment, maybe a higher title and updated responsibilities. Ready to share some news! But before you do that did you think about what the posting will do to your network? Or, […]

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How long can I go without driving my car in Iowa?

In August 2017, I started working from my home office. Here's a picture of the first iteration before getting some additional equipment: Here's how my commute looks: I have to say I really like working at home, just as much as I like traveling to clients for workshops and trainings. Walking down the steps feels […]

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What should we do with people’s blog bylines when they leave the company?

In most organizational storytelling strategies I recommend that blog posts and articles have a byline from an actual person. Sometimes that could be the CEO, but shouldn’t always be the case – unless of course it’s the CEO’s blog. 🙂 Whomever is the subject matter expert should get the byline. They should also be the […]

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Who has some of the best customer service on Twitter?

Twitter seems to be my go-to nowadays to get a customer service question answered or issue resolved. The social team is often easier to reach than somebody on the phone. And many times quicker. And I don’t have to wait on hold. So here are my examples of Twitter account with best customer service in […]

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Be thankful for what you have while striving for improvement

Going on vacation in Maine can let you leave in envy. 😊

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Let’s overthink the length of content a bit …

The length of something – like a speech, a presentation, a movie, a book, a blog post etc. – doesn’t necessarily determine its quality. But sometimes we default to thinking that it does. I remember being invited to speak at a global conference in a 15-minute time slot. I mentioned this to one person and she said: […]

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Why your blog post should still have share buttons

I try not to make this a rant but I've seen an unfortunate trend lately of more and more blog posts that don't have share buttons. Of course, as you can see on this blog I have share buttons at the bottom of each post. In reality I probably should have them at the top […]

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How to write a good post-conference blog post (in my opinion)

With conference season in full swing many marketers out there are working on and refining their conference strategies. This could include: Attending Networking Exhibiting Speaking Sponsoring Social media engagement Give aways Blog posts All those tactics – especially when done in concert with each other and other tactics – can bring in leads to a […]

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New Twitter algorithm: How personalized content can actually hurt publishers

July 31, 2017 update  Twitter now allows users to mark specific tweets in their timeline as not relevant. Simply  click on the arrow top right of the tweet and that  gives you these options: Marking a tweet as “I don’t like” reportedly helps Twitter serve you more relevant tweets. You can also unfollow, mute or […]

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