Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

Social media strategy: Sharing content relevant to your organization

It’s easy to be promotional, oversharing and irrelevant today when it comes to social media strategy. It’s so easy to promote my product every thirty minutes or so on Twitter. “Please RT. Product XYZ, which is the best, can be bought right now by clicking on this link: (Here’s the link. I hope it works.)” […]

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Device independent: Words to avoid online

With responsive design, RSS, mobile and direct traffic to websites, there are some words to avoid when writing for online audiences. Let’s take this site for example. Depending on how you are viewing it, the pictures might appear on the right or on the top of the content. The sidebar might be below all the […]

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How to converse online

When communication publicly it’s important to remember the human! You are communicating with other people. Understanding and practicing some basic netiquette will help you leave a positive impression on others. And why is that important? People connect with those who leave a positive and relevant impression. Remember when we communicate publicly on the Internet what […]

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Listening to consumers/audience members: How do we do that?

Many companies receive emails, Tweets, or messages through company websites. Sometimes, the consumer/audience member has a question. Sometimes they find a mistake or a user issue on the company’s website. How we respond to those messages shows how well we listen to those voluntary contacts from the public and that can make a big difference […]

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Social Media: Add value and be part of the community

Written in September 2013. The date is important because, depending on when you read this, there probably will be new networks, some of the current ones might not be around, others might evolve. I was recently reading a book written in 2007, and it mentioned MySpace and how marketers should pay attention to it. I’m […]

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Social media offline: What are the rules?

Should I post this to social media? Is that OK to say? We sometimes – I hope all the time – ask ourself this before posting something to any of our social channels. Oftentimes, we feel connected to what we said. These are our thoughts. Our life experiences. Where we’ve been. What we thought of […]

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