Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

Sometimes plans need to change – right now!

I’m all in favor of making plans and sticking to them. But sometimes they need to change. Quickly. I was in Orlando in late 2015 for the Healthcare Internet Conference (aka HCIC). My plan was to go run on the treadmill. Running in unfamiliar places can be hard and jumping on the treadmill is usually […]

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We are defined by what we constantly talk about

As I’ve said many times, including on here, on social media and while speaking at conferences: Authentic stories are first lived, then told. But there’s also another way to think about our own authentic stories: We are defined by what we constantly talk about. This includes specific topics or tones of things we say. Specific topics […]

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Let’s stop the Call to Action Madness!

“I can’t remember all the Calls to Action I’m supposed to follow. Everyone wants me to do something. So I tweeted instead.” – @ctrappe Everyone wants us to do something: Click here Buy this now Open my email, please Follow me on 59 other social media networks I get it. Our livelihoods might depend on […]

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Everyone has an agenda and that’s OK

Christoph Trappe

November 5, 2015


I have no agenda. Baloney. (That’s not swearing. LOL.) Don’t we all always have an agenda? Having “no agenda” is kind of an agenda, too. Ha. Really, it’s OK to have an agenda. It means we have a purpose. “Having an agenda means we have a purpose.” – @ctrappe Click To Tweet If you analyze […]

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Be aware of the experts who can’t do any of what they are talking about!

There certainly are enough self-proclaimed content marketing experts out there. They seem to have forgotten that you aren’t an expert until some other people call you one. “You are an expert when other people call you one.” – @ctrappe Click To Tweet Certainly, experts and thought leaders can’t be good at every single task in their […]

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