Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

STORYTELLING: Finding your blogging niche

Everyone can start blogging in minutes nowadays. It’s easy to start a blog either through or through self-hosted WordPress sites using services like, for example. (Other options exist, too.) But once you are set up, what should you blog about? What’s your blogging niche? There are plenty of options. Perhaps these ideas can […]

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Writing a good headline for your blog post

Writing a good headline for a web post is crucial to get an audience’s attention – the humans and the search engines, which bring more humans. If the headline doesn’t get somebody’s attention in the first few seconds the person might move on to read something else … not necessarily because they wouldn’t have cared […]

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Another Way to Share Your Presentation: Live Tweet it Yourself

We believe in multi-channel content distribution here with the website as the hub. Everything is on the website and then reformatted and distributed on other channels, including social, offline and other channels. Sometimes it can be difficult to send content to all relevant channels at the same time, including social media during a presentation. Obviously […]

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Writing Relevant Timeless Content For The Web

Every once in a while an expert in one thing or another will Tweet a link to an older blog post that’s relevant to a current topic. It’s timeless content for the web. A lot of times others who are mentioning it on their streams mention that it’s from a year or two or whatever […]

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LINK STRATEGIES: Include hyperlinks when relevant

We still read online articles that refer to other sites and sources and don’t link to them. Sometimes, they spell out the other domain name, but don’t link through a hyperlink. What’s the user to do? Copy and paste the text into their browser to check out the site? What if the referenced article can’t […]

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WordPress Login Tip: Make sure to delete the Admin account on older installs

Christoph Trappe

November 28, 2013


If you have had a WordPress-powered site for a while, chances are that you are using an account that has the “admin” WordPress login name. It used to come by default for the first account of a new site unless you changed it. We have had a few sites that have run/are running on WordPress […]

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Storytelling with just a Smartphone

A smartphone is one of the most accessible tools nowadays and it can help us document stories that are worth sharing with our networks or audiences. Fifty-six percent of Americans carry one – a number that’s likely to increase. One way people are collecting and documenting stories is through video. One hundred hours of video […]

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Social media strategy: Sharing content relevant to your organization

It’s easy to be promotional, oversharing and irrelevant today when it comes to social media strategy. It’s so easy to promote my product every thirty minutes or so on Twitter. “Please RT. Product XYZ, which is the best, can be bought right now by clicking on this link: (Here’s the link. I hope it works.)” […]

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