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One way to control calories at restaurants

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I love those under 500 calories menus that some restaurants have now. (Thank you to those restaurant owners!)

Not every restaurant has them (yet) unfortunately. So what can we do when we end up at a restaurant with no low-calorie foods?

One option…

Don’t think of it as a meal and just see it as an opportunity to socialize with the people with you.

If you are planning on eating something here are two options to consider…

Option 1
You could order from the children’s menu. Keep in mind that children’s meals might not be the healthiest either. At least they are likely smaller portions.

Depending on what the meal is they might be served in a way that’s not too appealing to an adult – think Mickey Mouse pancakes or toys on the side.

Option 2
Order an appetizer – sometimes called starters. Starters can still have a good amount of calories, so thinking to eat a starter and an entree and not have it impact your weight is probably bordering on delusion.

But many starters have fewer calories than an entree.

Whichever option listed you pick, consider eating slower to enjoy each bite. This also fills you up faster. (The brain doesn’t signal satiety as quickly as it happens since there’s a delay in signals from our stomach to our brain.)

Keep in mind that non-diet drinks and alcohol also add calories. Maybe have a water, diet soda or light beer.

As you can see, when we want to cut calories it’s possible. We just have to make up our mind and look for ways to accomplish our goal.

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