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One more reason why reviews matter ➡️ Facebook notifications ⬅️

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Reviews online matter. People read them and people make decisions on them. That’s one reason why I am always so excited when I see ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews of any of my books on Amazon. 

From a professional and consumer perspective, I even subscribe to email notifications for reviews given to organizations I work with or that I particularly care about.

Personally, I always make a point to leave a review of a new restaurant I ate at or a new service I used. Sometimes I do that on Google Places, an industry-specific site and sometimes on Facebook. Facebook makes it particularly easy after you check in to a place. Usually they even ask you later on to now review the place you just checked into.

And of course Facebook keeps rolling out and testing new things all the time. So this latest notification I ran across may be a test or maybe it’s brand-new and I just hadn’t seen it before. 

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I recently received a Facebook notification of a friend leaving a review-a really positive review – of a local hospital.   Here’s how that looked in my notifications:

Once I clicked the notification I ended up here:

Interestingly, I don’t get send straight to that review but I get send to the overall review page. So the first thing I actually see is the aggregate average rating, which in this case is 4.2 for this hospital. So this is why a good average rating matters because that’s the first thing people see.

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So what were the factors of why I was showing this notification?

  • I’m friends with this person.
  • I like the hospital Facebook page.
  • I recently interacted with a post of my Facebook friend.

And while the hospital does get a fair amount of reviews, this one seems to be the first one recently left by one of my friends. I wondered why I’ve never seen a notification like this before and also why I never seen it from the other hospital in town. So I went to the other hospital’s Facebook page and saw that I didn’t even like it. I have liked it now! So that might be part of how those notifications work:

  • You like the page
  • A friend leaves a review

It’s another way word-of-mouth can spread across the most popular social media network in the United States. Will I see more reviews pop up in the notifications like this? I don’t know but I’ll keep an eye on it.

Have you noticed this? Drop me a quick note here and share your example if you want. 

These notifications are most relevant for consumers when they are truly customized and show up at the right time. For example, while I found the notification interesting and obviously I’m blogging about it because of the business I am in, as a patient  it really didn’t come as anything close to the right time. I’m not looking for healthcare options right now at all. But of course since it was a friend’s review I might still be interested because I care about the friend and then of course that will keep that specific hospital top of mind if I have to make a healthcare decision in the near future.

Yeah, sorry, digital marketing is not a linear process. Brand awareness and top of mind matter‼️

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But as a consumer it would be nice if notifications-no matter the industry-show up when they are most relevant to us in addition to that they were left by a friend.

For brands, this is important to remember because reviews matter and can help spread our brand awareness in a positive way – assuming the reviews are positive – in our communities.

Encourage people to leave reviews. I do it all the time. When I’m speaking I encourage people to leave reviews, I ask people to leave reviews of my book and I ask for testimonials from clients,

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So that’s the latest I’ve noticed on reviews on social media. Hope it’s helpful and I’ll post an update if I notice something else. Be sure to sign up for future posts here.

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