Why To Not Just Repurpose Existing Content

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

Here’s a quick video I did on this important topic. You can’t be unique by copying others. 

Can’t watch right now? Here’s a transcript:

Hey guys, Christoph Trappe here. The Authentic Storyteller. @Ctrappe on Twitter. I want to talk about one of the techniques I’m seeing out there unfortunately more and more. What people are doing is they are copying content from other people and they are barely repurposing. And they think that’s useful content marketing. It doesn’t work. It’s not unique.

dont just repurposeLet me walk you through how that typically looks. So let’s say I’m deciding on a topic. Lollipops, for example. And they then go to Google and they search for that topic. They then get a list of results. And guess what they do? They go to those results and they just kind of respin, repurpose the content that they find there. You have to remember that those pages are already ranking high for lollipops. Remember, you just found them searching for that topic.

And then what people do is they write that up and put the repurposed/respun content on their on websites. They expect to outrank the content that already exists and that already has authority in that field. It doesn’t work. (It might also violate the other sites’ copyright.) It’s not unique. It’s not original. It’s not authentic storytelling.

Here’s what you should be doing instead if you want to rank in Google search results. This is your life and you have all these stories happening around you. Recognize those stories. What’s interesting to people? Provide a solution to a problem. Something that is interesting. And something that hasn’t been written about as much. And then you put that on your website. Then you have a chance to rank high and that is because your content is unique. It’s your story.

The story is unique to you. It’s a unique experience. Certainly, others may have similar experiences, but it’s the best shot you have. It’s a unique and authentic story. It’s one of the best ways to rank high. You can still do Google Trends and keywords research. You can optimize your stories for SEO, too. And I would recommend that. I do it myself. Keyword research works and is fine to do! But this authentic storytelling process is a great way to actually rank high by being unique.

Copying other people’s stuff will not necessarily get you to rank.

Good luck. I hope you’ll try it and share authentic stories that are happening and that are helpful and educational to your audience.