Pickels – My favorite no-calorie snack

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I’ve found the days when I’m the busiest to be the easiest when it comes to calorie-intake control. Yes, when I’m busy I will also get hungry at some point, but I also won’t think of eating as much. A no-calorie snack also helps get through the day.

Many times, it was a good day calorie-wise. Everything was kept under control. I stayed within the alloted amount of calories. But then it’s time to relax. What should I do? Sometimes, the thoughts wander to eating something. Am I even hungry? Maybe a little. Maybe a little more each moment I continue to think about it.

Pickles are a no-calorie snackI walk to the fridge and grab a few pickles. I like them as a no-calorie snack because they do give me that feeling of doing something (when I feel the need to eat due to boredom) and also are actually kind of filling.

It’s saved my calorie goal for the day and helped me satisfy my real or imagined hunger.

Shopping for a no-calorie snack

If you choose to try pickles as a no-calorie snack, make sure to check the label while shopping. Some kinds of pickles do have calories.

The key is to check the label and look for the zero behind calories.

In general, I’ve found looking at the label before buying a food for a specific purpose (besides that we need to eat) is always a good idea. Many foods look similar and sometimes the different kinds do have different amounts of calories.

JelloAnother low-calorie (not no-calorie) snack is Jello. One Jello cup has 10 calories. That’s also not bad. Again, make sure you check the label when buying Jello-type foods. Some foods look similar and some has more calories than others.

There are many no-calorie or low-calorie snacks out there. They can help with our diets and especially good when we feel bored and think we need something to eat.