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As we know people use Facebook and Facebook Messenger. Now there are Messenger bots, who can engage with us. 🙂 While I prefer to usually engage with real people, from a content distribution perspective it seems this new function can help us share our stories even wider.

messenger shareI ran across the Facebook Messenger share button on the CNN site – the first time I’ve seen it on any site. Usually, when I notice new share buttons, I want to check out the functionality. Another one I recently noticed started popping up on WordPress sites was the “share to Skype” button. That button basically just shares just the link to somebody else on Skype. Not a great experience, really.

That’s another thing I found interesting about the functionality of the Messenger button. All the other buttons allow you to share the story  to Twitter, Facebook or by email. But the Messenger button basically starts a conversation with a CNN bot. It doesn’t allow you to share it to others.

Here’s how that looks:


From there you can ask for more stories and the bot says that the more you engage, the better suggestions will become.

I’m a huge fan of customized and personalized news when it works. I actually uninstalled Messenger from my phone because of storage issues, so I don’t know that it will be a solution to read news for me. But every attempt to present more personalized news to people is worth trying in my book.

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