New Twitter feature: Native scheduling – how does it work from mobile?

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Social media scheduling is probably the most basic form of marketing automation. I’m a fan, have done it for years and still schedule posts today.

Of course, scheduling in third-party apps is convenient for marketers and content creators. Scheduling once is easier than having to do it in three apps or more.

And then networks pull third-party scheduling without notice – like Facebook did here for personal accounts. (I’ve treated my personal page like a professional one for years.)

I know many of you create content from mobile. I do, too. Currently, all my content – podcasts, blog posts and job pitches – come from mobile from iPhone or iPad.

I currently schedule via the mobile Buffer app but of course wanted to try scheduling natively.

I opened the Twitter app to see if I could. The feature was nowhere to be found. Ugh ?.

Time to move on to other tasks for the day and I kind of forgot about it. Until I read an article on LinkedIn. I check LinkedIn frequently currently as I’m talking with recruiters on there for my next adventure.

I was going to share an article to Twitter because I found it interesting. And guess what, there was the schedule function.

In other words, I can schedule tweets in the LinkedIn app but not the Twitter app. LOL. ?‍♂️

Of course, LinkedIn is just serving Twitter in a web browser basically. I had seen something similar happening with how to pull Tweets to embed them into blog posts.

As I first shared in my Periscope livestream the Twitter schedule function currently only works in mobile browsers – like Safari.

The good news is: As long as you remember that you can still schedule tweets natively from your phone. Just not in the app.

Here’s how mobile native Twitter scheduling looks and works:

Log into Twitter from a mobile browser. Sometimes Twitter wants to keep opening in the app so this may take a few tries.

Then start your tweet. After typing it out, click the three periods.

Then schedule:

You can see other scheduled tweets from this screen too by clicking on “scheduled tweets.”

I’m a fan of scheduling messages – including social and even emails.

It’s worth trying but I will be interested in seeing if social networks shut down third-party scheduling completely at some point.

And then they may start marketers to use the function – like third-party tools do today! ?

Mobile native Facebook scheduling

You can’t schedule to pages from the regular consumer app. But the Facebook Pages app allows easy scheduling:

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