NEW: The easiest way to find stock art images in your WordPress CMS

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You likely have heard my rant about how many companies use way too many stock art images.

I’m still not a fan of an over dependency of stock art images but I’m also a fan of showing new tools and strategies when it comes to content marketing. And I’m especially a fan of sharing mobile content creation tips.

This new WordPress feature is definitely falling into those last two favorites. So with that I wanted to share how you can easily add stock art images and search a database of them by keywords without ever leaving your WordPress dashboard. Lets dive in.

WordPress in the mobile WordPress app has rolled out an integration with – a free stock art image and video site. 

As far as I can tell this functionality is only currently available in the app and not on the web interface. Another reason to use the app at times for your articles. I use it all the time and I’m currently voice dictating and sometimes sliding this article to completion.

Here’s how to find stock images for your posts from within the app

In the post, Click the + in the bottom left of the menu bar and then click the three dots. (Remember all kinds of things are hidden behind three dots or the hamburger menu).

From there you get this screen alerting you of the new functionality and availability of stock images:

Other apps just leads you to the saved files area on your phone or tablet.

Click on free photo library and you go here: 

From there you can search for terms that you need to find a photo of. In this example I searched for computer.

As you can see you get a number of options that I can choose from and that I can use mostly for decorative purposes. Some don’t appear to be an exact match but there still appear to be plenty of options.

These images likely will not help in Google image search results but will help with the look of the article. 

If your website has featured image spots that might be another place where you can use them. I do have those spots on my site and I hardly ever use them but this is one way to pretty it up a little bit more.

Currently you can’t pick the pictures directly from the stock library while in the featured image area in the app but you can certainly pick the stock image from an article first and then add it to your library before adding it as a featured picture.

This strategy might be another way to really maximize your content production time and I would highly recommend trying it if you are in need of images and don’t have any available. I will try it here and there and maybe it will make my posts look better.

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