Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

New technology stories are better with people in them

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We see the stories.

Here’s a new piece of technology that’s going to be doing x, y or z.

In healthcare it might help save somebody’s life or make their life a lot more livable.

Unfortunately many stories continue to tell and not show. And as we’ve said many times here at The Authentic Storytelling Headquarters: Great storytellers show. They don’t tell.

The difference between the two…

Telling: This device makes breathing easier for people who have had Condition A and undergo this procedure.

Yawn, right?

Showing: Susan, 56, was easily out of breath just holding her infant grandson. She’s been suffering from Condition A and was one of the first in the United States to get (this new device) installed.

Today, she easily plays with her grandson, climbs a flight of stairs easily and feels much better all around.

“This surgery gave me my life back,” she said. “I can finally breathe again.”

Obviously, this is just a made-up example, but I’m sure you get the point.

Why is showing so much harder than telling? Getting the details to show take time. Telling is easier:

Here’s a new device that will help you.

But showing is more effective and more relatable to audiences. Taking the time to show will pay off long term. Audiences will love you for it and in some industries it’s a differentiator, because everyone else is continuing to tell.

Here’s a related video from Content Marketing World 2016:

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