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New communication skill alert: Understanding wrong autocorrects correctly

Christoph Trappe

March 14, 2017


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I love voice dictating things to my phone: 

  • Blog posts 
  • Emails 
  • Texts 
  • Social media posts 
  • Etc. 

I also love autocorrect. Type in something close to the word you need and the wonderful iPhone corrects it for me as I’m speeding along. I have stories to share. No slowing down! 🤔😱😂

But like anything neither of these is perfect.

In voice dictation, my daughter is always Alley and not Ellie. 

I just can’t get content marketing right. I get canton marketing and others. Pretty sure it never typed it correctly. And I even dictate that one a lot. 

OMG the other day looked like Oh Em Gee.

Omg voice dictation

One instant message said: “The two dues …”

“What are the two dues, Christoph?”

“Sound it out.” 😂

Of course that was supposed to be to dos. And while we probably shouldn’t tell people to “sound it out” and I don’t, it’s really a good practice. What do we think that other person tried to dictate? I do it for other people’s messages. Of course they usually don’t know. 

And sometimes there’s no way to guess out of context but it made sense within context:

 voice dictation

I think that just said that we are going to get her glasses. I think. LOL. 

The other day “call” showed as “car.” And then we have the common typing mistakes:

  • csn
  • And others where nearby letters where pushed.
  • K (for OK) autocorrected to I forever. I finally stopped correcting it. 

Many are easy enough to understand and no correction is often needed. Though I can’t wait for some hiring manager or decision maker to proclaim that they won’t hire anyone with typos in their texts. I’m surprised they were open to texting to begin with. 😱

“This person is not management material because of excessive text typos.”

So guessing and sounding out might be helpful and needed to a degree. But keep in mind that in high-stakes conversations we do need to ensure clarify, correctness and completeness. 

I’ve negotiated entire contracts via voice dictation and getting something wrong here can cost me. Certainly, often there needs to be a completed contract, but even contracts can be written on mobile devices. And I’ve done that. They can even be signed on mobile. 

Be aware of completeness when the stakes are highest. When they are lower, give each other a break and go with the flow. Sounding out messages is okay and even a skill. 

On my Apple Watch, which only allows voice dictation and no typing, I even changed my email signature to “Voice dictated from my Apple Watch” just so people know when I send something that may have to be  sounded out. Thanks for doing that, by the way. 

All this voice dictating might also help us become better at saying certain words. Just a thought – though I’m not sure how to say content marketing any differently. 😊

There you have it. Another skill that didn’t exist or was needed when us Gen Xers were growing up. But, it’s quite useful and does allow quicker communication at times. Just be sure to not completely exchange speed for understanding. 

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