NEW: Google adds more clutter – or relevant content (?) – to

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You hear experts call many people’s homepage.

  • You need to find out some detail or info.
  • Head on over to Google and start searching.

And up to now that’s virtually all you could do on There was a search box and that’s it.

Search for something and fingers crossed that Google would actually find you the best results.

But Google has now added more stuff – like news items they think you might enjoy. Of course, the recommendations aim to be personalized.

To know what to show in Discover, Google uses information from your device and from other Google products.

Google also uses data that’s stored in your Google Account. This data is based on settings you can change or turn on or off.


A first look at my recommendations wasn’t too far off of what I would read:

  • Iowa football
  • Travel news
  • Etc.

In true content marketing fashion, the top headline was: How one woman delivers blood with Google Map

Just in case you are one of the two people who have never heard of Google Maps.

I’m guessing the answer is that she uses it to find directions to the drop off point. Just a guess. #snark

Overall, I’m not sure if I like or dislike this.

I don’t go to Google to read news. I go there to search for something.

Of course, if any of my projects start getting traffic from there I’ll be a fan.

It’ll be interesting to see if this will be rolled out on desktop at some point.

We will see and for now, it’s worth knowing about and monitoring.