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New in 2018: How to completely schedule Instagram posts from one place

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I’m a big fan of scheduled social media posts – especially for brands and people who have a lot to say. Good storytellers and content marketers usually have a lot to share.

I’ve used Hootsuite, Facebook and Social Oomph for the most part for scheduling tasks. Scheduling works well for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, but posting to Instagram was a pain. You could schedule in Hootsuite but then would have to copy it into Instagram to publish at the scheduled time.

Instagram didn’t allow third-party scheduling. Starting in February 2018 they do allow third-party scheduling without that extra step. Interestingly, it’s only allowed for business accounts. (Here’s how you change an Instagram account to a business account.)

Also, you can’t directly schedule in the Instagram app. My guess is that this isn’t far behind and I was actually hoping this this update would offer that.

Related side opinion: With Instagram feeds being dictated by algorithms the actual time of when something is published is less and less important than that something interesting IS being published. I gave this opinion in this roundup post of expert opinions in late 2017, too!

schedule instagramTo get going you have to give permission to the third-party platform. I used Hootsuite, which I use often from mobile. I had to give it permission but the directions given on the iPhone seemed to not work. Maybe there was an iOS update since they were written. I don’t know. Long story short: I couldn’t figure it out so I headed for Hootsuite on desktop Chrome.

How to set up to schedule Instagram posts from desktop

It immediately asked me to start the process:

instagram publishing 1

Authenticate with Facebook, but make sure the account you are logged into is an admin to the page tied to the Instagram business account. Say that sentence three times fast!

Simply follow the steps and you should be set. It also appears to carry over to the mobile app, so no reason to get stuck on the mobile setup.

The auto schedule function – where Hootsuite picks the next best publishing time – also seems to work here. This is how I use Hootsuite often, especially for Twitter and I’m thinking I’ll give Instagram another shot here with this update.

I might use it when I have a number of photos to share and don’t want to publish them all at once.

Either way, I know of many brands who scheduled Instagram posts in the previous – not so perfect workflow. This should help make the scheduling easier.

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