My top 6 reasons how a blog can help you reach your marketing and business goals 

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When done right blogging and authentic storytelling content marketing can help us reach our marketing and business goals.

Done right means that we share information that is valuable and relevant  but not markety to our audiences. It doesn’t always sell. 

So here are my top 6 reasons how well-executed blogging help reach our marketing and business goals:

  1. It establishes organizations (the bloggers, etc.) as experts, thought leaders, etc. It can even lead to earned media coverage. 
  2. It increases brand awareness.
  3. It makes us findable in search engines. Frequently updated and useful blogs often rank well. 
  4. It builds trust and trust can lead to sales. 
  5. It helps us think through problems. Answering frequently asked questions publicly actually can lead to uncovering additional answers. 
  6. It’s a longterm investment. Ad campaigns (while they have a place in your digital marketing mix) end when you stop spending money on them. Blog content once published continues to exist and continues to draw relevant audiences. 

There are likely many more reasons how blogging has helped organizations with their goals. These are the top 6 that come to my mind after blogging for more than a decade.

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Blogging has been vastly successful for me and organizations and brands I’ve worked with. I especially like how long-term its impact can be. 

For example, in May 2016 of the top 15 posts on this content marketing blog just 2 were actually written in May. The others were still drawing a good chunk of search engine and other traffic – more than all the new posts. 

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The bottom line is that blogging can help us and our businesses – including health systems, hospitals and physicians – but we have to figure out what our unique angle and stories are. Once we decide to be authentically and uniquely relevant, determine goals and measurements and  start sharing and participating. 

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