My Fitness Tips: Fitness Progress Photos Help us Remember

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

before and afterTaking and keeping fitness progress photos is one of the things I wish I would have done more of in my journey to lose over 100 pounds over a few years.

As you are starting or continuing your journey to a fitter you, make sure to take photos of the current you and take more at regular intervals.

That’s one thing I totally dropped the ball on. I didn’t take a picture when I started losing weight. I’m not actually sure that I said “I’m starting to lose weight today.” I think I just decided that I was out of breath just sitting there and that it was time for a change.

No initial fitness progress photo was taken. And along the way, I didn’t take any other fitness progress photos either. Not a single one. All photos that I could find in early 2014 were photos that were taken for other reasons. I didn’t take a single one all these years until 2013. And of course, by then I was possibly in the best shape of my life. So, those photos were great, but didn’t help me document and relive my progress.

When I look at the photos in this post – especially next to each other – I’m amazed how far I’ve come, but it was luck that I even have the photo on the left. I didn’t even know it existed. My wife found a printed version at her grandparent’s house one day. She snapped a picture with her iPhone and sent it to me. I saved it to my photostream. Without that lucky find I wouldn’t have had anything to compare today’s version to, and probably wouldn’t have thought of starting this site. Sharing a photo of today’s me without a comparison wouldn’t be very meaningful.

My suggestion:

  • Take occasional photos.
  • Take them in the same spot  and with similar outfits every time. That’ll make it easier to compare progress.
  • Save them somewhere where you can find them. I think I have some others somewhere. I think. A WordPress site would be an easy way to save them. You could make it a public site or password protect it so only you and family can see the progress. WordPress is easily backed up so photos are saved.

With smartphones this should be easy enough nowadays to do. As long as you remember to do it at certain intervals. With your smartphone you can:

  • ask somebody else to take your full-body picture.

  • stand in front of a mirror and take a photo of you in the mirror.

Using old clothes – like the photo below – can also help show progress from time to time.