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My fickle relationship with technology …

Christoph Trappe

September 11, 2017


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I like to think of myself as loyal to certain technologies. Once I like something because of their story or actual usefulness I like to think that I’ll stick with a product.

There is some relationship investment and also time investment. Because using a product over and over might make us feel connected to it. Of course, that’s something I also want to believe as a marketer of products and services. Today it’s hard for me to imagine not using:

But of course there were times before using any of these apps. And depending on how things evolve there likely will be times after them. It is hard to imagine in some cases but the reality of things is that things will continue to evolve and the technology we use will likely change.

That’s why it’s so important for any organization-including technology companies-to have stories that really connect their customers to them.

Storytelling formula:

Relevant and connecting stories + useful and efficient technology = Longer-term customer connection

The importance of stories for technology companies hit me again in August 2017 on a trip to Toronto. I was arriving at 5:40 PM and the New York Yankees were playing the Toronto Blue Jays at 7 PM. As you may know, I always check the local sports teams when I’m traveling to see if there might be an opportunity to catch a game.

Given that I actually like watching the New York Yankees this was a nice opportunity. But of course 80 minutes from touchdown 🛬 to the stadium 45 minutes away and having to clear customs that was a real tight endeavor.

I mentioned to a buddy that I would just check the StubHub app on the way to downtown Toronto. He suggested I should check the SeatGeek app. He even mentioned that he used that app on a trip that we took together to Montreal to watch a hockey game. Remember, that fun trip? Yup! 👍 So immediately now that technology had some relationship to a story-a positive one-that has actually happened to us.t that I would switch technology completely just for that but at least I would give it a try. So I did download the SeatGeek app and had it ready to use if the timing would allow.left the airport and was in a cab close to 6:15, which would make the drive to downtown really tight to make a 7 PM game. Nonetheless I was able to check the StubHub app around 630. The app had no tickets over to SeatGeek I saw a relatively small number of tickets remain but enough to give me some options. I like about the app that I can see exactly where the seat is located. It’s a nice and user-friendly interface. I bought a ticket right behind the Blue Jays dugout, four rows up, for $43. Quite a deal if you ask me.e ticket was delivered to my phone, which I could then simply scan at the stadium. Given the price and the experience and the availability of tickets minutes before the game offered a fantastic experience for me. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

They played again the next day. This time I didn’t even check the StubHub app. Not because I’m now again StubHub. I’m not and I’m sure I will use them again but given the most recent positive experience with the SeatGeek app that’s where I went.

I like and have used the Waze app. It’s super user-friendly and gets me to where I want to go. The settings and options are also great. I still use it but it doesn’t sync to my Apple Watch. On the other hand, the Maps app does sync to my Apple Watch and gives me directions on my wrist directly.

Interestingly, I still use both. If I’m traveling with family I might use Waze because somebody else can hold the phone but if I’m traveling and driving by myself I might use the Maps app so I can get directions on my Apple Watch.

So just because we prefer one app over another doesn’t mean we will necessarily completely disregard all other similar apps out there.

More photos from my trip, just because…

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