My best Retweets this week came from all of you!

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rtsYou may have seen those Tweets announcing that a number of accounts sent the best Retweets this week…

“My best RTs this week came from…”

I like interacting, connecting and sharing experiences with people on Twitter. I probably spend more time than I should having conversations on there even.

But those “my best RTs” Tweets make absolutely no sense to me. In fact, when somebody tells me I had one of their best RTs, I often unfollow them – especially if I barely know who they are.

Of course, an RT (Retweet) is when somebody shares your post with their network. Thanks for doing that, by the way.

rts ctrappeIn the last 28 days, I’ve tweeted over 1,000 times and was retweeted 434 times. So overall up to 43 percent of my tweets were retweeted. I assume that some Tweets may have gotten retweeted more than once. (I hadn’t run these metrics in a while and I have to say that’s awesome to see. Yay!)

But how could I ever decide whose Retweet of my Tweets was the best RT? Aren’t they all just retweeting what I said? So, aren’t they all equally as great as the originating Tweet? (Say that three times fast!)

Seriously, though, everyone resharing what somebody else said (exactly as they said it) can’t differentiate them between each other.

Judging who retweeted you the best is one of those Twitter practices that could just go away.

Please keep retweeting me, though. 🙂