More video, please!

Estimated read time: 1 minutes

We see the studies: Video drives engagement. So, let’s all produce more videos.

But just because something is shot with a video camera, doesn’t make it great video. There are exceptions, but some “videos”  that are not that great include:

  • Talking heads. (Make it a podcast!)
  • Picture after picture. (I call that a slideshow.)

There might be others and please feel free to send me your thoughts, but the best video is telling a story and takes advantage of video being able to show movement. That’s why real-life videos of people doing less-than-smart things are so powerful or why videos of violence (sometimes involving police officers) are viewed and eye opening.

A picture of any of those events would never tell the story in the same way. It wouldn’t make any sense – even with an explanation.

Videos are best to be used when the story demands it, not just because we want to create a video. Our communities (aka audiences) will thank us for using the best tools to share our stories most effectively. Some times that will be video. Other times it will be something else.

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