More evidence that writing has never been harder: Looking for an AI Chatbot writer

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You’ve heard me talk about how writing has never been harder.

Back in the day when I first started journalistic writing we didn’t measure anything other than how many people subscribed to a printed publication.

Of course, we couldn’t tell how many were reading any specific articles and it was often claimed that they were reading everything front to back. The ones we talked to said so! Prove me otherwise.

Of course, today in digital everything is measurable. We can see how many people are reading an article, how many people are leaving quickly and even how far they scroll and what they try to click on through heat mapping.

Of course all these measurements and new technologies present challenges for writers as everything can now be measured.

And of course with all the instant communication today customers and prospects expect immediate responses-on social media and our websites.

With the spirit of change in mind I thought I would share a writing role that I’ve seen advertised and that certainly would not have been advertised just a few years ago:

The role: AI Chatbot Writer

We are looking for an AI Chatbot Writer with the right mix of logic, problem-solving and analytical skills. Interested in developing scripts for a world-class chatbot that helps millions of users each month? Can you research how to assist users across categories and seamlessly transition from an expert mechanic to a physician’s assistant and a paralegal? Are you up on the latest trends and aware that chatbots represent the next paradigm shift in tech?

This position will require extensive familiarity with British English (idioms, slang, and common expressions), but the candidate does not need to be located in the UK.


  • Draft content for our AI chatbot and define an efficient process for identifying targeted follow-up questions based on keywords

  • Research how Experts would help users across multiple categories
  • Work with analytics, product, and engineering teams to maximize conversions while ensuring a great user experience

Please apply if you:

  • Are extremely logical
  • Know your numbers and how to prioritize based on revenue opportunities
  • Have killer communications skills
  • Enjoy researching new topics and wordsmithing content to strike the perfect tone
  • Are a team player who is happy to pitch in wherever there are revenue opportunities
  • Are analytically oriented and love testing your work

Source and to apply


If you’ve ever ran into a chatbot as a consumer you likely know how hard this kind of role actually is.

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Some chat bots that I’ve talked to over recent months they don’t quite get my situation right. As the job above says, they respond to specific keywords.

Of course the problem with that is that not all keywords mean the exact same thing in different types of contacts. And the other problem is that humans sometimes use the wrong or technically wrong keywords.

Certainly misunderstandings can also happen when we are chatting with other real humans but it’s certainly an added level of difficulty for people making a living writing content when it’s for a conversation between a chatbot in a human at a later point in time.

It’s certainly an interesting time of change and a challenge opportunity for anyone who can use the written word to help companies communicate whether it’s through the more traditional storytelling, multimedia or now chatbots.