Mobile content creation: Why you should take iPhone pictures in the Live function

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The iPhone certainly has made mobile content creation easier, including in writing, slo-mo video, time-lapse video, VR video and podcasting.

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And there’s the Live photo function as well, which I never liked. Your picture moves as you are looking at it! That’s because the camera just took multiple frames. So the movement is especially visible when you are shooting pictures of a scene with some movement.

I always hated it – mostly because I didn’t understand how to use the function correctly. Of course, I didn’t know that was the reason until I learned how to use it. That changed on a trip to Chicago where I covered a culinary story for Meetings Today.

My attitude was changed by a picture of me doing a podcast with the chef at the Downtown Chicago Marriott Magnificent Mile, where I stayed in one of their five luxury suites (tips on booking it here).

So of course, when I looked at the picture of our interview it was moving. Ugh. But then I was told how to use Live correctly. See Live shoots several frames. You can pick the best one. This function gives you options!

Once you have the picture up, click on EDIT in the top right corner.

live photo frame 1 on iphone

That will get you this screen and you can scroll through the different frames. Find a frame you like. and Click MAKE KEY PHOTO.

picking a different frame from iPhone Live photo

Then save. Easy breezy.

This is a great way to have a chance at picking the image that looks the best – even when there was just a minimal amount of action in the photo. It’s like you pushed the “take picture” button multiple times, except this is easier.

One hiccup perhaps: This only works in the PHOTO setting in the iPhone camera. In the SQUARE setting, which I frequently use for Instagram, this function is not available. (Read more Instagram articles here.)

Have you gotten your shirt?

Time-lapse video shot with an iPhone 6: