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[Mobile blogging] How to improve social sharing from the updated WordPress mobile app after dictating a post 

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I blog and post about 80 or 90 percent of all of my blog posts on here from the mobile WordPress app. I’ve done that for years and it actually enables me to blog more.

I often voice dictate my posts and sometimes I write them with my thumb while riding a stationary bike at the gym. 

Let’s talk about voice dictation first and then I’ll share the latest social sharing enhancement that rolled out in March 2017.

Voice dictation in the WordPress app allows me to simply dictate my post directly into the app on my iPhone. It then gets transcribed automatically. Such an awesome feature. I can talk much faster than I can type. Ha.

There are some downfalls. For example, when I say “quotation mark paragraph quotation mark” it actually writes all that out instead of adding quotation marks and the word paragraph in between. Some editing is still needed.

But what’s nice about this function inside the WordPress mobile app is that you don’t have to type with one finger. That is probably the biggest complaint that I have heard about producing blog posts on your iPhone.

I  have written many posts with one finger but this function of dictating posts is indeed very nice.

This post for example has been written through the dictation and I should note that the TV was running in the background, I was feeding my toddler who is not that quiet. My other daughter  also nearby and was  talking to my wife. But with all this ambient noise going on the app still transcribes my dictation very accurately.

Overall, I’m very impressed by this tool and I would recommend it as you’re considering sharing your authentic stories through a self-hosted WordPress blog.

The app has really continued to be improved over the years.

One of the latest improvements in March 2017, was the enhancement to social sharing.

I’ve used the Jetpack plugin for quite a while to automatically publish my posts to a number of social media networks. You already have been able to turn off and customize posts from the desktop version of WordPress. Until March 2017 that was not possible on the mobile app.

But then one morning I was greeted by this update inside the app:

Social sharing from inside the WordPress mobile app I could now set the social push to just one or several of the networks that were connected. So if it wasn’t a professional post I might turn the LinkedIn push off.
This was a great improvement. But wait, there was more. I could add a custom message:

Social sharing from inside the WordPress mobile app

I allowed the post to be pushed to all the networks because I wanted to see where that message actually shows up. So here is how that looked:

On Twitter- not there. It pulled in the headline.

On LinkedIn – not there. It pulled in the headline.

On my Facebook page – the custom message showed up.

I didn’t bother to check my Google Plus page, but as you can see that custom message only carried through on the Facebook page of those other three networks. 

Had I known that I probably would’ve had those arrows point downward ⬇️⬇️.

Voice dictation and the social sharing options directly available in the mobile WordPress app are really helping us take our blogging-mobile or not-to the next level. I greatly appreciate the developers who continue to make the app better for content creators and storytellers like myself.

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