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book nowI’m always willing – time permitting – to be interviewed on podcasts, TV and by others seeking information surrounding content marketing, social media and authentic storytelling. I’m also happy to participate in your webinars if it’s mutually beneficial.

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If you are on an immediate deadline (like a journalist) feel free to call my cell at 319-804-9853 or contact me here. I’ll try to help. If you are not on an immediate deadline, please consider sending me a note through my Contact Me page and I’ll respond as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest.

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I participated in a webinar with Curalate, the Internet Marketing Association to discuss how to get the most out of Instagram.

Instagram is a great way to share our authentic stories and connect with others  around topics of interest through hashtags.

Instagram provides a lot of opportunity for brands that can figure out how to capture their stories through authentic and original photos. And don’t forget that the best camera is often the one in your pocket – aka your iPhone.

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This podcast discusses live Tweeting breaking news events, Tweeting during presentations as well as conflict, audience and authenticity – which were points mentioned by Kevin Spacey during his keynote at the 2014 Content Marketing World conference in Cleveland.