[Marketing] Hospital runs nurture campaign after I declined treatment

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As I shared recently, I declined an ultrasound due to the cost and because I was running some other things to see if they would take care of my health problem first.

There was really no reason to run everything at the time and I’m a fan of staggering content marketing implementations to make it simpler for everyone and to see what works. And I use that same methodology in my healthcare. ?

I’ll try one thing to take care of a problem. If that doesn’t work I’ll try another. If that doesn’t work I’ll try another. There’s no reason to spend money for eight things at the same time. Unless of course it’s an emergency.

So due to pricing and my insurance not covering very much of the total I decided to decline an ultrasound.

The next day or the following day the hospital called to ask if I wanted to reschedule.

Certainly the message of why I declined the procedure wasn’t past along but I can’t blame them because why wouldn’t they ask me if I want to reschedule it?

I declined again as I was still in the other experimental phase and moved on.

I was kind of expecting to get an email the following day to remind me to reschedule.

As we know it takes anywhere from 7 to 12 touches for anyone to do anything anymore. That’s why nurture campaigns work so well.

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The email never came but I did receive another phone call a few days later asking me basically the same thing.

On that phone call they told me that I didn’t show up for my appointment. I was quick to point out that I did show but then declined to proceed due to the cost. That’s actually a big difference and not just semantics.

Just to remind me that healthcare also now uses nurture campaign’s right around the same time I got an email from my chiropractor reminding me that I haven’t seen him in a while and should come back. Click here to book an appointment.

I also chose an alternative form of treatment to that alternative form of treatment due to cost.

How to take a healthcare nurture campaign to the next level

The follow up phone calls are fine and if you ask they might not even think of them as a nurture campaign. Maybe they are or maybe they aren’t. But what are some other ideas to do a nurture campaign for existing patients in healthcare?

Population Health and storytelling 

The important part of course is to remember why something happened. So for example if I am declining an appointment for financial reasons am I likely to reschedule if people just keep asking me to reschedule? Probably not.But I might reschedule if they send me some information about the importance of follow-up based on my physician’s advice.

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Painting the worst possible picture: they could send me an article of a patient that didn’t follow instructions for testing and where it turned out really bad.

Or send me an article about what ultrasounds can detect that a doctor on their own cannot.

Of course, we don’t always have to over sensationalize everything but you get the idea. What is something-a story-that we can send to the patient to remind them of the importance of doing whatever was already recommended.

In my case I didn’t necessarily disagree that I needed the ultrasound but I wanted to do more of the phased approach. So once they figured that out why keep calling me?

Put me in a nurture campaign that starts up in 10 days when I’m going off antibiotics which is when I will be making my next decision.

Contextual marketing and coordinated outreach will become more and more important. And of course the multi-touch program is becoming more and more important as well. It’s not just about reaching our prospects or current patient through the phone or through email or through face to face. It’s all of the above. ✅

This experience with my healthcare provider was a good reminder and also an example of how it’s not uncommon that pieces of the nurture campaign are being run by many different industries. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but it can be much more successful when we integrate all channels and have as much context about a situation as possible to adjust our message.