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Losing the fight with calories feels so good …


February 6, 2015

My Fitness Tips

And that’s exactly the problem with trying to cut necessary calories. When we cut calories successfully we might be hungry, frustrated, and easily annoyed. There’s no immediate reward for cutting calories. The weight isn’t melting off that second.

But when we give in and eat more than we should (I’m looking at you family meals and many restaurant meals) it feels good right then. Yummy. That tasted so good. I will just lay over here and enjoy the feeling of being full.

OK, great. So now I’m hungry. Ha.

Seriously, though, going to the gym is the easier part of being healthy. A one-hour workout is around 4 percent of your day. Assuming you won’t be snacking during that there are still another 96 percent of the day left where food intake needs to be managed.

Yup, sure, some of that time is spend sleeping, but even that’s a dangerous time. I sometimes sleep-eat. You know, sleep walk to the fridge, make myself a bagel or snack on some protein bar or worse – bars.

The problem with that is that many of those calories aren’t accounted for in a day’s allowance and pack on the pounds. In fact when my weight goes up, that’s typically the reason.

So how can we make cutting calories feel good in the moment? It certainly depends person to person, but I’m somewhat competitive and – yes, I’ll admit it – like control (at least perceived from time to time).

Telling my body what to do and what we eat and what we don’t eat can certainly be framed as a competition. I’m winning, body! Also, managing hunger is also about control. I’m controlling what I am eating or not eating. It’s my choice. Seriously. Got it? I’m in control. J

Now this is a fine line. once I went down to around 196 pounds and at 6’4’’ that was a bit low. But I was in control and since I’ve been able to move that weight up a bit again. Not a biggie.

All weight isn’t the same either and not all weight gain is bad. For example, when I first lost 130-some pounds, I hardly lifted weights. I mostly ran and did cardio.

Christoph_Trappe_SB_005I have changed my routine some and now lift weights more. It’s great to see the improvements. For example, I squat and bench press more now proportionally than I did when I was a Division 1 athlete. Just looking at #gymselfies of myself, I can see that I’ve gained some muscle. Muscle weighs some pounds, I’m told.

I try to take that into consideration when I weigh myself.

Managing calorie intake is possible, and sometimes we relapse and gain a few pounds. No worries, you can start winning the calorie battle starting right now.

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Christoph blogs on The Authentic Storytelling Project and is a globally recognized content marketing expert. The IMA named him Internet Marketer of the Year in 2015. He works with healthcare organizations and other brands around the globe.

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