[Live Video] Doing a live Twitter video helped me solve the problem of being stuck in my frozen car

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I spent a couple days in Chicago for content marketing purposes and the weather was terrible. Flights were canceled because of ice and the temperatures were a windy -2000 or something like that.

Here’s a video of the wind as I was leaving Chicago:

When I got to Cedar Rapids it was bitter cold out as well and my car parked at the airport was completely frozen over. Here’s a picture of the inside:

It took forever to start melting. I used my scraper to get to this stage, and then the scraper broke:

I was working and doing some phone calls. At one point, I decided to do a live Twitter video about my situation.

During the video, I noticed that one side of the car wasn’t frozen at all. That side was facing the sun. Oh! Maybe I should turn the car around, I wondered out loud during the livestream.

I finished gabbing and then slowly moved the car. There weren’t many others around me and I could see enough for that slow-speed maneuver.

The windshield and other side seemed to melt away much quicker now. Me sharing my story live actually seemed to help me get out of it quicker. I didn’t get that idea until then. Maybe I had tunnel vision before.

Awesome. That’s not possible when a live stream is scripted.

Another reason to share your stories: It might give you ideas!