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Live social media video: What to do when somebody calls while you are on-air


July 15, 2016

Social media

The other day I was doing a live Periscope when my phone rang. I was surprised. What should I do? My phone never rings. Ha. People text or email usually. 

Since I was a bit startled, I answered the call and, of course, that stops the Scope cold. No wrap-up with the viewers. No goodbyes. No calls to action. Etc.

I wondered: What’s the best way to handle calls that are ringing in while I’m live? Periscope doesn’t seem to have a “don’t allow incoming phone calls” function. 

If you are on wifi, you can turn your phone to airplane mode and then enable wifi while in airplane mode. That blocks calls, but allows the stream via wifi.

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So that’s one option and you can do that for Periscope or Facebook Live. To do Facebook Live video, you need the Facebook app, by the way. You can’t do it from the mobile web. 

If you are live streaming while cellular data is on (so not in airplane mode), it’s quite simple actually to not let phone calls interfere: 

Simply decline the call. 

Streams on both networks will continue, almost without a glitch. 

It’s so simple I feel a bit silly that I let an incoming call – not even an important one – interrupt a live stream. 

Now I know to simply decline calls,or go to airplane mode, and use wifi. 

Happy streaming!

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