[LinkedIn] How to stand out on LinkedIn by sending voice messages

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

LinkedIn has rolled out a new way for people to spam our inboxes have meaningful private conversations.

Introducing the voice memo. It’s really just like leaving a message on an answering machine, but in somebody’s LinkedIn inbox.

How to send voice memo messages on LinkedIn

Easy. Go to the profile of the person you want to message. Click on sending them a message. In your message options there’s now a microphone to record that message:

Click on that to start.

Hold the button and record your message.

Then send. You can also redo it.

That’s it. Easy breezy.

Things to consider for voice memos

I’m not a fan of voice memos or answering machine messages. I will not listen to mine and just call the person back.

“I left you a 10-minute voicemail, Christoph. Any questions?”

“I don’t listen to voicemails.”

Firstly, many ramble on and on. So if you must leave voicemails, keep it short.

Secondly, they are too linear. I can’t skip ahead because who knows they might say something important. So I don’t listen to voicemails at all.

Thirdly, who says I can listen to it. It’s often easier to read text communications than listen to audio. I may have to turn my computer speakers on or put in headphones.

Reading a text or email that’s to the point is often easier.

Also remember that it’s a voice message and you aren’t dictating. My first message had dictated punctuation:

Hi comma period It’s Christoph period


But here’s the thing and why you should try them – especially if you are a sales person sending messages on LinkedIn:

Voice memos on LinkedIn are still new and hardly anyone does them. They can help you stand out. I’ve never even gotten one!

I didn’t even know about them until Content Marketer Mariah Obiedzinski alerted me of the new button.

Now, just because people listen doesn’t mean they’ll become a lead or even get back to you. But it’s worth trying.

I’ve sent a few and we’ll see what comes of them. If anything.

As far as I can tell they have to be truly personalized. You can’t import recordings that you are using for a bunch of people.

Voice-anything nowadays is a bit of the rage and I would recommend that you try this new message function on LinkedIn and see if it helps with your goals.