New on LinkedIn: Why I turned on LinkedIn creator mode

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I previously shared my tips on how to do better social selling on LinkedIn. One way is to share valuable and unique content. Linkedin  creator mode might help with that as well and I would highly recommend that you turn it on if you have that feature available.

As is often the case with social media features, they’re being rolled out in phases. You might not have it the second. I just got it today myself.

What is LinkedIn creator mode?

In a nutshell, this new mode allows you to highlight up to five topics that you talk about. That can of course create some internal debate on what those five topics should be. When you pick topics you actually pick them in the form of hashtags.

I assume LinkedIn will show your accountant in your priority hashtags.

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LinkedIn followersLinkedIn will also show how many people follow you and the follow button will be the prominent button on your profile instead of the more common connect button.

How to turn creator mode on

If it’s available to you simply go to your profile page and it will show up in your dashboard.

Where to find linkedin creator mode

From there you get options to add the topics.

LinkedIn creator topics This was hard for me as I post a wider variety of topics so whittling them down was difficult.

Is it worth it?

As always it’s hard to tell this early in the game. But if you are using LinkedIn to share content and in an attempt to try to connect with people it’s worth trying.

The one thing to keep in mind is if you actually have a lot of prospects sending you connection requests that is now an extra step as your profile highlights the follow button.

Personally, I don’t get very many relevant connection request other than people trying to sell me something so I’m not too worried about that in my case.

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For now, I will see how it works and if it impacts content performance at all.