Let’s not give buzzwords a bad name here

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

Sometimes when I start blabbing about authentic storytelling, I get interrupted (when it’s offline) or people start commenting and responding (when it’s online):

“Oh yea, storytelling. It’s the latest buzzword.”

Sometimes people will start a debate on “what’s wrong with the way people used to share their message?” And even: “Why do we now have to talk about storytelling?”

Really storytelling isn’t all that new, but it’s certainly evolving and hitting more of the mainstream.

Yes, storytelling is a little bit of a buzzword, meaning that a lot of people are throwing it around. Everyone now wants to tell stories. We relate to stories, blah, blah, blah.

That’s true and obviously, as you already know, if you’ve read more than half a post on The Authentic Storytelling content marketing blog, I believe and know for a fact that storytelling does build deeper relationships (<< also a buzzword).

Buzzwords sometimes get a bad reputation. It’s not bad to be a buzzword. Who makes these rules? LOL. We should be riding the wave of the word being fashionable and see if it can help us accomplish the cause it stands for. Certainly, some buzzwords don’t have a cause associated with them. Authentic storytelling does. It helps us live better lives, build closer connections with people in our lives (including customers) and sometimes even helps us learn and adjust our lives.

Buzzword or not, the more people are talking about storytelling, the better. Here’s the problem, though. So many people are talking about it. Few people are actually doing good storytelling. Even fewer people are actually doing authentic storytelling content marketing.

In authentic storytelling content marketing you live your story first. You believe it. Others join you in it. Then you share it. Now, you don’t have to wait for it to be completely done before you share it on your blog, social media, wherever you want to really. You share it as it’s happening.

Sometimes, on Facebook you may check into airports to let people know that you are heading to see a client, are speaking at a conference or something else related to your life. Sometimes, you might post short soundbites of something you learned. Or to thank somebody. Other days you might be filling a longer blog post to share an authentic story that is inspiring or educational to your readers.

Ultimately, sharing our authentic stories with each other and living them together can make us feel more connected. It’s really about a bigger cause. it’s about a better community that lives and grows together. Authentic stories can make us stronger together. I hope storytelling stays a buzzword in that regard.

If it’s a buzzword, let’s ride the wave to get more people to do it!