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In 2014, my six-year-old daughter and I blogged together at Kids and Tech. We’ve discontinued that project – mostly for time reasons – but I’m now weaving some of her stories into posts on The Authentic Storytelling Project.

For sake of digital preservation, some of our favorite posts from the now defunct site have been moved here.

My baby sister rolled over …

First she made a sound so my parents would look up from their phones and then she rolled over.

From her back to the tummy. Way to go, sis.

Merry Christmas,

Your digital native



Merry Christmas – Setting up surveillance to catch Santa


There’s so much technology out there. I hope I get a lot tonight when Santa stops by. On a related note, I wonder if I can use technology to “spy” on Santa. 🙂

Could take my sister’s baby monitor, put it by the chimney (how does he fit through there anyway?), and hear when Santa visits? Maybe I can say hello?

I could certainly watch the Google Maps tracker, but for how accurate Google Maps is on most days it’s not that accurate in this case. 🙁

Technology can help us know things as they are happening in real time. It can help us catch things that we might have missed decades ago. (Not me, of course. I’m only seven, but my old dad, for example.)

Maybe I could live tweet when Santa gets to my house. That’s an idea. As long as I look up long enough to say Hi?

So, we can do all these things, but maybe we shouldn’t and just get surprised when we wake up bright and early….

Until next time,

Your digital native from Marion, Iowa.



Would Santa want a glass of water, instead?

I asked my dad about that, because you know Santa is already drinking a lot of milk flying around the globe and visiting all those homes.

He might appreciate it.

Merry Christmas,
Your digital native


Will my sister’s first word be “Twitter?”

My mom keeps saying “mama” to my five-month-old sister.

She hopes that will be her first word. I’m pretty sure my sister said “hi” a few weeks ago actually.

But apparently we are not counting that so the first word is still up for grabs.

My Dad – <a href=””>@ctrappe</a> – is hoping for “Twitter.” Hmmm. I don’t know.

Until next time,

Your digital native from Marion, Iowa, USA

That will be $1 – a real dollar

I made my Dad a Play Doh cookie and when he grabbed it, I said:

“That will be $4.99.”
“That’s a big expensive,” he said.
“OK, $1, but a real dollar.” I responded.

I don’t take Bitcoin or Monopoly money. 🙂

Until next time,

Your digital native from Marion, Iowa, USA.



My seven-year-old asked me about what to do when somebody points a gun at her.

Not a talk I had when I was seven.

– Christoph


Siri, is it raining out?

I thought it might be raining out. So I didn’t look outside, but asked Siri on the iPhone.

She confirmed my suspicion.

– Your digital native


VIDEO: Five-month-old daughter uses iPad

I’m pretty sure she’s trying to take the iPad over from me. Refreshing Twitter… – Christoph


My sister screams when my Dad …

My Dad often holds my newborn sister. Sometimes he picks up his phone to blog or check email at the same time.

Sometimes, my sister starts screaming at the same time he does that. She’s right, we don’t always have to be online.

Most of the time is probably good enough.

Until next time,

Your digital native from Marion, Iowa, USA


I’m a one-finger typer

My Dad said that when he learned how to type on a typewriter a gazillion years ago that at first he used only two fingers. His index fingers apparently.

That was a bad thing apparently. He learned typing with more later on.

I’m a one-finger typer (also an index finger) – I really only type on the iPhone. And sometimes I use voice activation instead – which is zero fingers.

Nobody would say that’s a bad thing. Instead people say: “You can type fast with just one finger”

Maybe it appears that way because they think it should be proportional to typing with all fingers on a keyboard.

Until next time,
Your digital native from Marion, Iowa, USA

Cyber Monday – because we can only shop online while at work

Of course people have to wait to shop online until Cyber Monday. The only place to access the Internet is apparently at work.

As much as I like all things digital, I prefer to shop offline.

My dad on the other hand shopped from his phone on Thanksgiving Day.

Why wouldn’t I want to buy that house or those animals inside this app?

The other day I asked my Dad for my Mom’s iTunes password. He asked me why I needed it. Since I’m honest I told him:

I wanted to buy a house and some farm animals inside this app that I was using.

He asked me how much that would cost. $20. Not bad, I thought. Farm animals and a house. Good luck trying to buy all that offline for $20.

He said he doesn’t know Mom’s password and continued to question why I would want to buy these things.

“Seems like a waste of money,” he said.

“Hello. I’m a digital native. We place value on different things than your generation of digital immigrants. Welcome to my country! 🙂

Mom also agreed that I shouldn’t buy these things.

Honestly, it’s no different than paying for TV or when they used to have a landline phone. I’m told that’s a phone that was attached to the wall.

Different people place different values on different things. I’d like to buy farm animals that I can sell for play inside an app. They used to buy music albums. I couldn’t imagine going to a store today to buy music. That’s what Pandora and iTunes are for.

Things change. For now, I didn’t get to buy those items. Good thing there’s still plenty of free things to do online.

Until next time,

Your Digital Native from Marion, Iowa, USA


Even in 2014. birthday invitations come through the mail

I have invited neighborhood and school friends to my parties and they have invited me to theirs. Even in 2014, this communication typically happens through a paper invitation sent through the traditional mail.

No Twitter, Facebook or iMessage in this case.

I have to say I enjoy opening the envelope to get the details.

Until next time,

Your digital native from Marion, Iowa, USA

P.S.: We usually RSVP by phone.


Daddy, there’s another word in our last name. App.

I bet he didn’t notice that when he was six.


Your digital native from Marion, Iowa, USA

Listening to Pandora on DirecTV
We are listening to my Dad’s Pandora Radio stations on DirecTV.

Pandora, of course, is an Internet radio station and DirecTV is a satellite TV provider.

Totally makes sense.

A TV ad on Pandora?

I’m listening to Pandora, dancing around the room and the party is interrupted by an ad – for the local TV station’s election coverage.

Um yea. That will make me tune in.

Shopping at the Mall of America in the Twin Cities

My Mom took me and there were so many people.

Have they not heard of online shopping? LOL.

Seriously, I know it’s about the experience and of course spending as much money as your parents let ya.

Plus, going on rides is not possible online … yet.

Until next time.


“Daddy, can I have my own Twitter account?”

“Um, so I can Tweet.”

Are seat belts on airplanes from the 1960s?

Of course flight attendants have to demonstrate how to buckle up before every time a plane takes off.

Those kind of seat belts haven’t existed in cars since like the 1960s or so. And many of us weren’t even born then. 😉

How do I know? I Googled it, of course.


Your digital native from Marion, Iowa, USA

Who knew? The State Farm guy plays football, too

My Dad was watching football today and there was the State Farm guy and he was being interviewed.

“Hey, it’s the State Farm guy,” I told Dad.

He told me that his name is Aaron Rodgers and that he plays football for the Green Bay Packers.

He’s busy. State Farm AND the NFL.


Your digital native from Marion, Iowa, USA
Yea, right: “Dad, please read me some content.”

That is not something I have said…

Now this on the other hand I have:

“Dad, please read me a story.”

Until next time,

Your digital native from Marion, Iowa, USA

Dad says: “No electronics for the weekend.”

I say: Define electronics.

I’m only six but now have a frequent flyer account

My Dad signed me up since we will be flying for a family trip.

Since I’m only six, I’m guessing that i will be flying again in coming years. No reason not to start collecting miles.

Don’t travel anywhere with bad Internet, Dad

As I mentioned before my Dad travels quite a bit. We FaceTime most nights but one time he traveled to a place where the Internet wasn’t working too well. Those places still exist.

I told him not to go there anymore.

He asked why.

I told him because of this Internet issue. It caused him to break up on FaceTime. Not very fun to talk to him like that.

He called it a user ability issue. Maybe it was usability issue. Not sure… All I know is that I couldn’t talk to him.

Hey, I’m a digital native. I expect the Internet to work. 100 percent of the time. 🙂

Until next time,

Your digital native from Marion, Iowa, USA.

Cray cray is now in the dictionary

I’ve been using the word “cray cray” (for crazy) for months now. My Dad told me to stop it, since it’s allegedly not a real word.

Well, it now is, according to CNN. CNN reported that the word has been added to the Oxford Dictionary’s online version. They said it might make the print version at some point. The online version works for me.

Until next time,

Your digital native from Marion, Iowa, USA

What did I do this summer?

Didn’t you follow my blog?


What’s a number sign? Oh, like a hashtag.

Hello, Parents, I can read!

My Dad says that when he was my age his Mom would spell things out when she was trying to talk to his Grandma about something he wasn’t supposed to hear about.

Well, my Mom and Dad don’t do that. They text message – I mean iMessage – each other.

That works out just fine since I know their phones’ security codes and know how to read.

2014 does make things easier.

Until next time,

Your Digital Native from Marion, Iowa, USA

The communications plan for the new baby …

photo (5)My new sister will be arriving by July 15, 2014. The C-section is planned so I know that for a fact. 🙂 I’m guessing she won’t decide to arrive early, but who knows.

While my Mom is taking care of the delivery, I’m in charge of the communications plan to make sure everyone knows that my baby sister has joined us.

In a perfect world I could just post it to Facebook and Twitter and everyone would see it. But since I’m only six I don’t even have accounts there … yet.

So here’s the plan:

  1. Mom and Dad will meet her first.
  2. I will meet her next.
  3. Phone calls to my Mom’s family. Skype calls and iMessages to my Dad’s side of the family. (They live in Germany.)
  4. Texts to other family members.
  5. Email to Dad’s co-workers and then the clients who have asked for an update.
  6. Facebook update for Mom’s co-workers, family, and friends.
  7. Social media.
  8. Selfie posted here.

So that’s the plan. Honestly, can’t you all just continue checking this page Tuesday after 9 a.m.ish? 🙂


Your six-year-old Digital Native from Marion, Iowa, USA.

Tip for Dad: Keep thumb out of first picture of my new sister

My new sister should be coming any day now. I told my Dad to make sure her first picture does not have his thumb in it.

You know, how people partially cover up the lense when taking photos with their smartphones? Ya, don’t do that, Dad.

Until next time,

Your digital native from Marion, Iowa, USA

Asking somebody to take that selfie for you makes it just a regular photo

Today we can block specific phone numbers

When Dad was my age he said telemarketers and other uninvited callers would ring into the one family phone.

That hasn’t changed and uninvited calls still happen, though, now there are two cell phones in the house. I hope there will be three at some point soon. Wink Wink.

The only way callers could be avoided back then was to ignore the call or let the answering machine pick it up – once my Dad’s family had one.

Today, that’s different.

My Dad was adding these phone numbers into his address book and called them SPAM, so he knew when not to answer.

Eventually he figured out that he iPhone allows you to block specific numbers. Once you do that, calls from those numbers don’t even ring to your phone.

So convenient. Just make sure not to block the wrong numbers.

Until next time,

Your Digital Native from Marion, Iowa, USA