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It’s easy to overthink social media 

Christoph Trappe

November 16, 2015

Social media

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It’s so easy to overthink social media.

Should I post that?

Let me read it 32 more times.

What’s the goal of this one tweet?

Etc., etc.

It seems that overthinking is easier than actually participating. Until we start participating. Then it’s super hard to stop doing that. It’s become a habit.

Why do we overthink things? It likely comes from the Industrial Age where everything had to have a flushed out plan and goals and everything done was proven worth doing first.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate any of the things mentioned in the last paragraph there. But it’s a fine line. And when we aren’t participating in social media we are likely overthinking it or have decided that we don’t want to participate. Both are not the best reasons.

There’s really no reason to overthink things. Yes, it’s good to have a documented strategy, but a strategy without execution is just paper.

The trick with social media is to be ourselves – whomever we are. Just be yourself. Stand by your stories, share them, be proud of them.

There’s no right or wrong answer. There’s just your answer. Your experience. Your story.

Tweet it. Participate. It’s our stories – sometimes they are personal and sometimes they are organizational stories. Either way, we should aim for sharing unique and authentic stories.

We do that by identifying the interesting ones and then actually sharing them.

Easy. Breezy. No need to overthink it.

Christoph Trappe

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