Is Facebook trying to get us to participate more? (Comments in timelines and more)

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You may have noticed the updates to the Facebook app in August 2017.

It looks nicer – and this is from a guy who hardly ever notices the “looking nicer updates.” It seems to be more readable to me as well.

And Facebook is really trying to get to us to engage more and post more.

For example, every few days I now get an update saying that I’ve posted for x number of days. Keep your streak going, Christoph. Reminders like that used to be kept to the MyFitnessApp: “Don’t forget to log calories and your weight today.”

With the app update came (from my experience) these new things:

Some comments on posts now appear in my timeline directly.

So it used to look like this:

In your timeline, you could see how many likes and comments a post has and then usually would have to click over to read more. There were some exceptions – like when I commented and somebody else comments on the post it showed in my timeline.

And some posts still look like this – where comments have to be clicked into.

But some posts now look like this in my timeline – with comments showing right there.

Personally, I like this as I can quickly see if I’m interested in an ongoing discussion. Before there was really no way for me to judge before clicking into the thread.

As far as I can tell this is not available for pages (yet). At least I didn’t see any while I was looking for examples. All pages had the traditional way of showing comments.

Not sure how this would look with pages anyway – especially for the ones who thousands of comments.

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The final new thing I saw was a button on somebody else’s photo that encouraged me to use the camera and post a picture myself. Clicking the button opened the forward-facing camera looking at me. Ugh. LOL. Not what I wanted to see! ???

Facebook engagement conclusion

Time will tell, of course, whether or not these updates will enhance engagement and posting frequency. They didn’t get me personally to post more or less, but we’ll see.

If it helps people share more of their authentic stories and have civil ‼️ discussions in the comments I’ll give the updates five stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

How do you like these updates? Drop me a note!