iPod helps disconnect at the gym

Estimated read time: 1 minutes

I used to listen to the 200-plus songs in my iTunes library on my iPhone while exercising. I ran out of storage and started looking for alternatives.

New, larger iPhone? Too expensive.

No music? No way.

Walkman? What?

iPod shuffle? Couldn’t figure out why I would get one of those.

iPod Touch? Looks like an iPhone so there’s some familiarity already.

iPod I got an iPod Touch 5 (32GB) online and it’s great. It’s like an iPhone but isn’t connected to the Internet without wireless Internet (wifi). Since my gym doesn’t have wifi I can listen to my music without being connected.

No notifications. No vibrating. Just music, weights and cardio.

Oh, and I’m writing this in the notes app while on a stationary bike.

Being connected is great. Seriously. But perhaps it’s also easy to forget how relaxing and nice it can be to be disconnected and to just focus on the moment.

Overall, I’m very happy with the purchase bad would recommend this setup.

Bonus: The Fitness Buddy app, which I use for my lifts works in offline mode.

Note to self: Remember this if the gym ever gets wifi.