[iPhone security] Why you must change your iPhone’s name from iPhone to something else!

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I was in Chicago as we were flying to Cancun from there on – what happened to be – St. Patrick’s Day weekend. As travel life goes, we had 4 people on 3 linked but separate airline reservations.

Why? That way I had a chance at least to upgrade everyone. All first-class upgrades cleared on the way out, and 3 of 4 for Cancun to O’Hare on a lie-down 787. Given that there are 3 reservations, I have to check 3 in separately. That means different record locators and boarding passes get saved separately.

If you print boarding passes you have do that 3 times in this scenario. We did end up having some time at the hotel waiting for the shuttle and I did end up printing them that way as well. But the night before I checked everyone in from my phone and then wanted to share them to my wife’s and 11-year-old’s phones. Airdrop is a fantastic way to do that so I tried to airdrop it to my daughter’s phone, which is titled just iPhone.

Only one iPhone was showing so I dropped it over. And they declined. Huh?

“Sophie, why did you decline my AirDrop?”

“I didn’t. I’m not even on my phone.”

Whoops. I tried to send it to somebody not a member of my family and probably another hotel guest. What could the danger have been?

There’s a slight potential that they can use my boarding pass to sneak onto my flight? Maybe. Somewhat unlikely. American Airlines mobile boarding passes don’t list the booking number or my frequent flyer number. If the booking number was listed, they could log in and cancel my flight at worst and change my seat.

But what if I accidentally dropped something else confidential! And how would you feel if you get something send to you by mistake? Accidental “accept” clicks happen I’m sure!

I quickly went into my daughter’s phone and changed her phone’s name:

Settings >>> General >> About Change the name there.

Now it looks like this when I want to send her something:

Something to consider when you use this functionality often, especially between family members and team mates. Of course, another best practice certainly is to verbally ask the other person what their iPhone name is. But when there’s a bunch of iPhones nearby that doesn’t help.

For example, when I cover conferences and want to drop something to another person, that can be a problem.

Conferences I’m covering/attending in the coming months:

  • Content Tech Summit
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  • Media Growth Summit
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  • Medicos Sao Paulo
  • Content Marketing World

If you are attending any of those and want to meet up, just drop me a note via email.

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So that’s how you change your iPhone’s name and maybe you agree that this is a valid reason! 🙂