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iPhone photos are great but not always the way to go

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Everyone can now be a photographer. With the majority of Americans carrying smartphones it’s easier than ever to take photos that we think are worth sharing. As our Facebook friends can attest, many are shared publicly in seconds.

I take all of my photos with my phone and don’t even own a camera.

When our second daughter was born during the summer of 2014, we took all kinds of pictures:

Getting ready for the delivery
During the delivery
There she is
First cuddles
Etc., etc.


These photos worked great for Facebook, Twitter and to text or email to friends.

They didn’t work for printed birth announcements. When we tried to use them on printed pieces the resolution was too low and they looked blurry.

For those photos we needed a better camera than the iPhone.

We actually ended up asking a friend to take some photos with his camera a few weeks after the birth. Interestingly, we did decline using the professional photography services at the hospital.

“We already have plenty of photos,” we thought. That was of course correct, but none workable for printed pieces.

You and I might be OK taking iPhone photos only because we share only online, but it’s good to keep an eye on all channels and determine if the way we gather content will work for them.

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