iPhone Photography – Remember to move for better angles

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Colors of a tree during fall in IowaWith this beautiful fall weather around the Midwest in the United States, I’ve seen people head out with a professional photographer to take family pictures in front of the pretty fall colors. Others are using their iPhones to snap their photos.

If you are going to take advantage of this natural backdrop, don’t waste time. Leaves have started to fall and as soon as we know it, we will be taking pictures of snow piling up outside.

I took the opportunity to take some photos of my two girls in the leaves with my iPhone. I really only needed/wanted one, but I had to move a couple of times to end up with my favorite shot, which is this one:

in the leaves cropped

But we didn’t end up there with the first try. As it happens, when people take impromptu photos, people just kind of start taking pictures. The girls were facing the other way to get started. Why? Just because that seemed to make sense. The yard was sloping downhill that way, so facing this way was simpler, but they also ended up looking right into the setting sun. The first shot looked like this:

in the leaves, looking at the sun

It only took us four pictures to figure out that this wasn’t going to work. So they turned the other way and I just moved to the other side of them. Still on my knees, the next pose looked like this:

in the leaves - post 2

Better, but who wants to see a sidewalk in the background and that sunlight is kind of strange. After a few more snaps, I realized that I might have a good shot if I stand up. As I was standing up, everyone, including the infant, instinctively looked up at me and I ended up with this shot:

in the leaves from top

I later cropped it and added a filter, which led to the picture at the top of this post. Much better than where we started.

In conclusion, while the tools available to us and the technological advances continue to make it easier to  take pictures, shoot video and create other content, it’s still important to not just shoot away but look for a good composition of pictures.

Pausing for a moment, asking people to move, taking multiple shots and moving around can get us there.

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